Marie Lévêque

Environment and CSR Project Manager at Naval Group, patron of the Bougainville mission

The sea brings us together. The sea calls us to look further.

Marie Lévêque is responsible for Environment and CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects at Naval Group. The company recently provided sponsorship support for the Bougainville mission, a research project on the ocean microbiome, which is part of Naval Group's commitment to the oceans.

Could you introduce yourself?

Within the Naval Group energy and environment research and expertise team, I am in charge of projects on environmental and climate themes linked to our CSR approach. This covers both topics on assessing the environmental footprint of ships, and how to reduce this footprint through an ecodesign approach, as we study the analysis of the impacts of climate change. We also work to develop knowledge of the oceans, particularly the seabed, with our academic and scientific partners.

As the patrons of the Bougainville mission, why such a commitment to Sorbonne University and its projects?

Our support for the Bougainville mission is part of our purpose and our societal and environmental commitment. This beautiful project brings together the world of the sea in all its diversity: the French Navy, scientists from Sorbonne University and the CNRS, and all the project partners including Naval Group. The scientific program is fully consistent with our desire to improve knowledge of our marine environment. We want to be able to measure the impact and footprint of human activities on this living environment, based on the observation of plankton behavior and microbiota. As a high-tech company with exceptional know-how and industrial resources, the Naval Group has scientific and technological expertise that we are delighted to put at the service of this mission of general interest.

What does your commitment to the oceans represent today, how is it shown?

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the Naval Group is committed to protecting the oceans through several approaches: improving the environmental footprint of its products via an eco-design approach, research and development work on innovations reducing the environmental impact of ships. For example, we led the European SEADETECT project (LIFE program) aimed at developing an automated detection system for marine mammals in order to prevent collisions between ships and cetaceans.

Four students from Sorbonne University have just embarked for a year on a French Navy vessel, what are your thoughts about this participation?

It’s a great commitment, an exciting and inspiring human, scientific and environmental experience that these students will be able to live, sharing at the crossroads of the scientific world and the French Navy.

What would you like to say to future patrons of the Bougainville mission who would join you in this great adventure?

CAs the Naval Group’s raison d’être states, “the sea brings us together”. The sea calls us to look further. So, join us in this ambitious shared knowledge project, led by ocean enthusiasts… You also support the Bougainville Mission We need your support for this civic, human and scientific mission!

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