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Students, doctoral students, researchers, teacher-researchers, doctors, staff, alumni, they are the strength of Sorbonne University.

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Ilias El Gabli

Student entrepreneur within the Pépite program. Founder of "Trouve ton prof".

José-Alain Sahel

Visionary Ophthalmologist and Professor

Research has no boundaries and should have no boundaries.

Joana Desbordes

Student in biology-geosciences-chemistry and top-level swimmer

For me, sports gives a balance to my life. I've always been swimming in parallel with my education. I didn't see myself stopping either one.

Nicole El Karoui

Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics

Humanity cannot deprive itself of half of its intelligence.

Marine Riguet

Digital Humanities Expert

Today, digital technology is redefining not only our research practices, but also everything that makes up our culture.

Robin Mathevet

Electronics Student and Drone Inventor

Without the support of Sorbonne University, it would have taken me a lot longer to build my first drone.

Athina Tsilikas

Student in Humanities - Edition - Audiovisual - Media on an Erasmus exchange

I advise all students to leave for an Erasmus exchange. This year was an amazing journey that allowed me to test my limits, learn to adapt and think about what I really wanted in my life.

Hubert Bonnefond

PhD in oceanography and co-founder of the startup company Inalve

The creation of a startup is an amazing adventure where you learn a lot and which is more like a marathon than a sprint

Romane Dicko

An elite athlete and second-year undergraduate student in Mathematics

Sorbonne University allows me, as a high-level sports student, to adapt my studies according to my athletic objectives.

Aurel Manga

Student in master sciences for engineering and top-level athlete

When I was a kid, I liked to take things apart, figure out how things work. I liked science. Eventually, I found all that in athletics, too.


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The Faculty of Medicine teaches the 3 cycles of medical studies: from PASS (integrated into the faculty) to the 3rd cycle including DES, DESC, DU and DIU. The lessons are given mainly on two sites: Pitié-Salpêtrière and Saint-Antoine. The faculty also provides paramedical education: speech therapy, psychomotricity and orthoptics. The Saint-Antoine site includes a midwifery school.

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One of our riches is the diversity of students and their backgrounds. Sorbonne University is committed to the success of each of its students and offers them a wide range of training as well as support adapted to their profile and their project.

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One of our riches is the diversity of students and their backgrounds. Sorbonne University is committed to the success of each of its students.

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