Sports and Cultural Activities

Sorbonne University offers its students a wide range of associative, cultural, artistic and sporting activities.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Sorbonne University makes sport accessible to all by offering members of its community a wide range of sports for all levels.
It encourages the artistic expression of all students and staff. The faculties’ cultural services offer activities accessible to all, to share and cultivate throughout the year.

Sporting activities

Do you want to exercise, relax or even wear our colours while competing? More than 80 sports activities, from leisure to high-level competition, as well as courses and disabled sports activities are offered throughout the year. In addition, you can also benefit from validated courses outside and/or within the framework of your course of study (EU).

Performance and adrenaline enthusiasts can also get involved in the Sorbonne University sports association, which organises university competitions with the French university sports federation (FFSU).

Artistic activities

Supervised by professionals in music, theatre and visual arts, these workshops are free (registration required) for members of the Sorbonne University student community.

Consult the list of workshops.