Nos athlètes de haut niveau

Our high-level athletes

Sorbonne University has a long-standing commitment to supporting its students in high-level sports.

Our high-level athletes

Sorbonne University supports high-level sports

  • Lisa Barbelin, chemistry student and archer
  • Nicolas Bernardi, natural science student and archer
  • Thomas Chirault, engineering student at Polytech Sorbonne and archer
  • Romane Dicko, mathematics student and Judoka
  • Agathe Girard, life sciences student and rifle shooter
  • Zohra Kehli, international relations student and fencer
  • Margot Lambert, mechanical engineering student and badminton player
  • Alex Lanier, hard science student and badminton player
  • Camille Lutz, computer science student and ping-pong player
  • Yanis Meziane, engineering at Polytech-Sorbonne and athlete
  • Prithika Pavade, science and nature student and table tennis player
  • Eve Planeix, psychomotricity student and synchronized swimmer
  • Alice Recher, art history student and fencer
  • Mélodie Richard, student in molecular and cellular biology, and archer
  • Maëlys Richol, engineering science student and boxer
  • Éloise Vanryssel, agro-engineering student at Polytech Sorbonne and fencing


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Nicolas Bernardi

Life sciences student and high-level archer

Beyond the competition, my main objective is to fully enjoy this event that only happens once in a lifetime.

Agathe Girard

Life sciences student and sniper

Finding a balance between studies and sports takes time and commitment.

Camille Lutz

Table tennis player and computer science student

I want to have as much fun as possible if I qualify for the Olympics, because I know that this is how I play my best table tennis.

Alex Lanier

Badista and student of formal sciences

My year is punctuated by training periods and tournaments around the world

Maëlys Richol

Engineering Sciences student and high-level boxer

Work and perseverance always pay off in the end.

Éloïse Vanryssel

Swordswoman and agri-food engineering student at Polytech Sorbonne

The Olympic Games have been a dream of mine since childhood.

Yanis Meziane

A specialist in the 800-meter race and Polytech Sorbonne student

The Olympics? I'm not going there just to look good, I'm aiming to qualify for the final!

Romane Dicko

Judoka and mathematics student

I won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. This time, I'd like to go for gold!

Alice Recher

High-level fencer and art history student

Maintaining mental health during competition is at least as important as physical health.

Mélodie Richard

Archery champion and student of molecular and cellular biology

Becoming an Olympic champion is my lifelong dream. I've been training for years with this goal in mind.

Margot Lambert

Badminton player and computational mechanics student

It would be the Holy Grail to be rewarded for these Olympic Games on home soil.

Zohra Kehli

High-level fencer and History student

Fencing is a sport of speed. You have to know how to make the right choices and, above all, never doubt.

Thomas Chirault

Archer and engineering student at Polytech Sorbonne

"The Olympics is what I train for every day.”

Lisa Barbelin

Archer and chemistry student

I’m incredibly keen to bring home a medal

Ève Planeix

High-level synchronized swimmer and psychomotricity student

Participating in the Games at home, in front of the French public, is the Holy Grail of a career!