Contracting authority

Sorbonne University - Communication department

Project direction

Alexandre Pinedjian - Head of the Digital Communication department

Virginie Bodin - Digital communications officer

Project team

Caroline Solé, Laurence Jacquenod, Virgine Dukovic, Imen Ben Mahmoud

Project management assistance

Collection and analysis of needs, CCTP

Jean Leborgne - The Tree is in the seed

Instruction of offers and applications

CG2 Consulting

Director of production

Design and production

Intuitiv Interactive

Editorial and media credits

Editorial content: Justine Mathieu, Marion Valzy, Sophie Poirée
Adaptation of the English version: Department of International Development, Sorbonne Université
Multimedia content: Géraldine Bachmann
Photographs: Pierre Kitmacher, Vincent Bourdon, Léo Andres, Gaétan Vernier, Laurent Ardhuin, François Lafite, Alice Santini, Andrea Ciardi, Shutterstock