Le doctorat

The doctorate

At the crossroads of higher education and research, preparing for a doctorate is both research training and professional research experience. It leads to a doctoral degree after the defense of a thesis, which confers the title of doctor, the highest university degree in higher education.

Doctoral education consists of personal and original research work, carried out in a collective environment within a research unit and a doctoral school, with both entities guaranteeing the smooth running of the young researcher's doctoral project. The doctoral candidate produces new knowledge using innovative scientific methods and tools and builds an ambitious professional project.
Education through research enables doctoral candidate to develop scientific expertise and acquire a large number of skills that are not limited to academic research, and are transferable to other sectors. Thus, after defending their thesis, the doctor will be able to access high-level management positions in all socio-economic sectors, anywhere in the world.
Becoming a doctor means becoming a professional at the forefront of a discipline, able to manage complex projects, to grasp and understand our globalized world in perpetual evolution. Thanks to a PhD’s scientific expertise and skills, the PhD holder will be able to provide new answers to the main issues and challenges of our planet.