The central councils are composed of representatives elected by faculty, staff, students, as well as people outside the university. Student members are reelected every two years and other representatives serve four years.
•    Board of Directors: elects the University president for four years. Approval of the institutional contract, the annual report, and the social audit, but also voting rights on the budget: the Board of Director’s prerogatives are numerous and decisive for the management of the institution. The Board of Directors meets at least four times per year.
•    Academic Council: technically a consultative body, it can also express its views unsolicited. Its area of competence includes the direction of policies regarding research and academics, the institutional contract, the delineation of positions for professor-researcher and researchers, as well as questions linked to student life. It is made up of two commissions: the Research Commission and the Academics and Student Life Commission.

Updated on 25 Jan 2018