Dispositifs et activités

Our services and activities

Our services and activities

Physical activities and sports services:

More than 80 sporting activities, from leisure to high-level competition as well as disabled sports courses and practices, are offered throughout the year. The student community can benefit from validated teaching outside and/or as part of a course. 

The support system for high-level practice:

Created in 1988, the “high level sport” (SHN) system of Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) became a system of Sorbonne University following its creation on January 1, 2018, resulting from the merger of UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne. Since its creation, it has involved an average of 35 high-level athletes each year. 

The proposed arrangements allow students to spread their studies (over a longer timeframe) and timetables developed according to sporting constraints (training, internships and competitions). Athletes are supervised by a tutor, physical education and sports teacher, ensuring the role of interface between the “sporting world” (coach, pole manager at the National Institute of Sport, expertise and performance - Insep) and the university community (training managers, teaching staff). The SHN status allows them to benefit from special support courses depending on the sporting project (preparation for the Olympic Games) and a relocation or postponement of exam sessions when they are abroad.

Furthermore, the partnership between Sorbonne University and Insep allows the establishment of first-year courses on the Insep campus, offering athletes a way to optimize their schedule. The success of this system is due to the daily involvement of the Sorbonne University community: training departments for timetable arrangements, teaching staff for teaching assistants and fellow students for course sharing and mutual assistance.

This system was extended to high-level artists (musicians, dancers) in 2013. There are now around twenty of them each year who benefit from the same arrangements as sportsmen and women.