Cross-disciplinary teaching and skills development

A doctor is never recruited based on disciplinary expertise alone. This is why the Doctoral College of Sorbonne University offers a course programme with more than 80 different courses allowing doctoral candidates to diversify their knowledge and develop their skills beyond their disciplinary field.

Cross-disciplinary teaching and skills development

Pedagogical organisation of courses

The courses offered are not merely courses. They are part of a proactive approach that requires a commitment on the part of the doctoral candidate. Some themes include course cycles. A course cycle is a group of pedagogically-consistent courses. It generally begins with an awareness seminar followed by in-depth workshops. 

Awareness Seminar 
The seminar begins the course cycle. It is usually given in large groups. Its objective is to deal with the "theoretical" or general aspects of the subject. 

In-depth workshops 
In-depth workshops are aimed at small groups (10-12 people). They make it possible to examine the subject in-depth thanks to practical applications, case studies, adaptation to the individual situations of the participants. 

Main themes addressed

Methodology and digital environment :
“Biblio@doctorate" cycle
Digital Environment

Communication and languages :
Communication Cycle
Language Cycle

Innovation and promotion:
Innovation and promotion cycle

Management Cycle

Independent modules

Scientific mediation:
My thesis in 180 seconds
Scientific openness and social issues 
Science, Arts, Technology and Society (SATS)
Research and Creation Workshops (ARC)
History of Science
Scientific Integrity Cycle
Open Science Cycle, by and for researchers


Prevention and Civic Relief