Développement du projet professionnel

Development of career plans

From the beginning of the doctorate, doctoral candidates are made aware of the importance of developing their career plans. The support system we propose for this is presented during the induction day for new doctoral candidates and their supervisors organised by the Doctoral College. 
We have over 15 years of experience in supporting the career development of young researchers. This allows us to offer effective support that facilitates :

  • access to varied careers in line with the wishes expressed by doctors, the development of cross-disciplinary skills useful in the context of the research project and then in the pursuit of a career,
  • the positioning of the young researcher as a professional and as an expert.

Doctoral candidates learn to communicate about their motivations, skills, potential and background. The Doctoral College offers training and activities dedicated to the development of the doctoral candidates' career plans. 

We offer twofold support to doctoral candidates. It aims to serve both their research project and their career plans. We offer courses that focus on: 

  • the development of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary skills *(communication, management, project management, promotion of research and entrepreneurship, languages...) ;
  • career development (knowledge of the job market and organisations, professional assessment and plans, job search tools, etc.).

This support combines face-to-face teaching, usually in the form of workshops, transfers in the workplace, information activities and the possibility of individualised support.

By completing the doctoral training agreement upon registration, doctoral candidates are asked to start thinking about their career plans. This reflection, which begins at the beginning of the doctoral program, gives doctoral candidates the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for their plans throughout their doctoral training and thus avoid finding themselves, once they have graduated, poorly-equipped to pursue their career.