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Recruitment Campaign for Future Doctoral Candidates

The recruitment campaigns for interdisciplinary doctoral programs with our Institutes and Initiatives are underway for 2022. Recruitment campaigns by individual doctoral schools are also progressively opening.

Institutes and initiatives programs

Most of the doctoral projects proposed by Sorbonne University’s Institutes and Initiatives programs are now online. Candidates can consult them, and should contact the project directors to express their interest. With the agreement from project directors, students may then apply via the online form. The application must be complete to be considered. 


  • Deadline for applications: 26 April
  • Convocation of candidates: 10 May
  • Audition before a jury: 16-27 May
  • Results posted: 3 June

Interview with a jury

The institutes and initiatives compose a jury whose members are chosen for their scientific expertise according to the projects selected. Representatives of the doctoral schools concerned are invited. The candidate is evaluated on the quality of their academic background and research skills; the suitability of their profile for the project; their ability to explain the project being defended and to answer the jury's questions; and the feasibility of the project being defended within the time allocated for completion of the thesis.

More information on the Institutes and Initiatives programs

Interdisciplinary Programs for Living Matter

Doctoral projects proposed by the Interdisciplinary Programs for Living Matter. Candidates are encouraged to contact the project leaders and then apply via the online form (in French). The application must be complete to be considered.


  • Deadline for applications: 26 April
  • Audition: 11 and 12 May
  • Results announced: 19 May

More information on interdisciplinary programs

Doctoral schools

Doctoral candidates can also find some of the thesis topics proposed by our doctoral schools via the Adum platform, or visit the websites of the doctoral schools.