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Registration for courses and professional meetings

… registration for courses and professional meetings … to register for courses in the sorbonne university training catalogue your application form must first be validated by …


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Mechanics of solids and structures

… electronics intelligent materials and active structures the course comprises a common first year catalogue cours m1 solides master 1 solid mechanics …


  • Actualité

The new DFC classes are online

… lecture 1 min find all the training classes in the new catalog and all the session dates in the new calendar there … coming soon  this year registrations for training courses are made via a new platform jobteaser dont hesitate … now more information to come for the use of this platform catalogue20202021 catalog calendar jobteaser … this years …


  • Événement

4EU+ Shared Courses

… international … 4eu+ shared courses … throughout the 2022 summer semester most 4eu+ … 0000 0000 online event all courses are online the course catalogues will be published gradually according to the …


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Continuing Education

… education training catalog … available only in french with courses from its three faculties arts humanities medicine … courses in english please see the list below … notre catalogue en ligne notre catalogue en ligne … our mission … …


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Defending the thesis

… to be met in order to successfully complete their defence courses in written communication specially designed for the … are available these courses can be found in the course catalogue of the sorbonne university doctoral college  each …


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Establish an individual training plan

… plan we propose that doctoral candidates refer to the courses of the doctoral college see catalogue there doctoral candidates will find courses and …


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Degree programmes

… … the faculty of arts and humanities offers toplevel courses in the fields of arts languages humanities and … the programme you wish to enrol in look up our programmes catalogue … discover all the bachelors and masters degree …


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Scientific innovation and outreach

… presses publishes about 50 books each year and has a catalogue containing over 900 works the faculty of arts and … age université interâges this wide range of programmes and courses makes universitylevel knowledge accessible to all … …


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French as a foreign language (FLE) programmes

… language fle programmes comprised of intensive short courses semesterbased courses universityspecific … writing methodology and grammar discover the full course catalogue on the online platform of the office of foreign …