Registration for courses and professional meetings

To register for courses in the Sorbonne University training catalogue, your application form must first be validated by your doctoral school and sent to the Doctoral College. Then, all you have to do is check the calendar to choose one or more dates for the courses you wish to follow and fill out the registration form for each course you have chosen. 

Registration for courses and professional meetings

Step 1: Preparation of your application to courses in the course catalogue 
Step 2: Validation by the doctoral school 
Step 3: Registration for courses after consulting the course schedule 
Step 4: Participation in courses
Step 5: Evaluation of the courses and certificate of participation


Advanced methodology and digital environment 
 Biblio@doctorate cycle
 Digital Environment

Communication and languages 
Communication Cycle
Language Cycle

Innovation and development
Innovation and development cycle

Doctoral candidates 

Management Cycle

Scientific Mediation 

Scientific openness and social issues 
Science, Arts, Technology and Society (SATS)
Research and Creation Workshops (ARC)
History of Science
Scientific Integrity Cycle
Business Intelligence Cycle
Open Science Cycle, by and for researchers

Prevention and Civic Relief 


Département formation et carrières

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