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Acoustics course

… the acoustics specialization of the mechanical engineering masters degree provide s expertise in acoustics whether in … engineering or musical acoustics download the training brochure publié le 13012020 mis à jour le 27072023 acoustics course … …


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Cultivating Talent

… their ambitions we are the path to success published on 2122019 updated on 30012024 cultivating talent … passports to the masters … we provide deserving motivated high school … high school students to pursue scientific studies read the brochure … passports to the olympics … for 30 years sorbonne …


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Degrees in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

… dedicated to students and newly graduates    publié le 8122019 mis à jour le 18092023 degrees in entrepreneurship … ecoles cge and is avalaible to those who possess at least a master 2 bachelor +2 this post master diploma takes place … individual monitoring and mentorship  you can consult the brochure of the mastère spécialisé celsa entreprendre in …