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Cultivating Talent

Students’ backgrounds should not limit the quality of their education or the full expression of their potential. In line with our equal opportunity policy, our scholarship program guarantees students the means to fulfill their ambitions. We are the path to success.

Cultivating Talent

Passports to the Master’s

We provide deserving, motivated high school graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds with 5-year scholarships, ensuring their financial autonomy from their first year of undergraduate work through the completion of their Master’s degree. The annual renewal of the scholarship is dependent on successfully passing their exams. Corporate donors working with us in this program can participate in the candidate selection process. They can also contribute to scholarship recipients’ professional integration via a mentor chosen from among their employees. This program is designed to respond to the inequalities of access to higher education and management-level employment.

Support student success at Sorbonne University: give them a passport to the future!
Degree candidates receive a scholarship of €10,000 per year, or €50,000 over five years. The financial commitment of the corporate sponsor, after the 60% tax write-off, amounts to €4,000 per year.

Wièm Zouali, currently in the intensive, bi-disciplinary Mathematics and Computer Science program, recipient of a Passport to the Master’s scholarship

Wiem Zouali

“In discovering Sorbonne University during their open house, I was truly captivated, particularly thanks to their professor-researchers and PhD students, who were very available even outside of class. I have a strong attachment to the campus, even more so because I didn’t think I had much chance of getting in. When I was in high school, I applied for a Passport to the Master’s scholarship based on both financial need and academic merit. When my application was accepted, I interviewed with representatives of the Foundation, the University, and Safran, who funds these 5-year scholarships. I think that, beyond my good grades, it was my motivation and determination that convinced the jury.

In addition to the financial independence provided by this scholarship, which allows me to dedicate myself entirely to my studies, I have the added assurance of being able to count on the mentoring from a Safran employee. In regular exchanges, he answers all my questions, has set up an internship for me at his company, and has put me in touch with one of his colleagues who’s a specialist in data processing and analysis, the field I plan to go into. In the future, I’d like to participate in helping new students. For the moment, I’d say to any motivated high school students who aren’t sure about applying for a scholarship that they should stop underestimating themselves and throw their names into the hat, to give themselves the tools to reach their potential, because it just might change their life completely.”

Plur’ielles Passports to the Sciences

Despite the fact that young women have a higher success rate than young men in their first year of undergraduate work, young women are still a minority in our scientific programs. For example, they represent only 22% of the students in mathematics, 25% in the engineering sciences, and 26% in physics. Yet the corporate demand and professional opportunities are the same for them as their male colleagues. By covering the five years of study necessary to access executive positions, these scholarships encourage the most talented female high school students to pursue scientific studies.

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Passports to the Olympics

For 30 years, Sorbonne University has been supporting top athletes to attain their dual project goals: sports and the higher education. They benefit from adjusted class schedules allowing them to reconcile the various training and competition constraints they encounter on a daily basis.

Every four years, there are Sorbonne University students selected to participate in the Olympic Games.

Today, Sorbonne University wants to support these high-level athletes to access the Olympic dream, in Tokyo in 2020 and Paris in 2024.

In order to reach optimum performance, these students need to complete their sports training through specialized practice sessions, medical care, recovery and recovery time. These costs represent an additional financial burden for high-level sports students.

The Sorbonne University Foundation therefore proposes to award scholarships of 3,000 euros per year to students enrolled in an Olympic project. This award can be applied to a new high-level sports student applying to the Olympic team.

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