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Sorbonne University contributes to the latest Colloque de Glion publication

Sorbonne University has once again been invited to contribute a chapter to the prestigious Glion Colloquium publication. Every two years, the organization organizes a forum for university leaders to discuss societal challenges and changes. These subsequent discussions give rise to a publication distributed worldwide.

Over 250 leaders from higher education, business and government attended the Glion Colloquium to consider the challenges in society, university governance, industry and the changing interdisciplinary nature of teaching, research and innovation.

The chapter Sorbonne University contributed, is entitled "Community Science for Collective Action", and explores the need to bring society closer to the university and its research and education activities. It focuses on the future of research universities and the role they play in strengthening their resilience in the face of societal challenges.

The publications resulting from Glion's conferences (13 books and 2 statements) are regarded as a valuable resource for adapting higher education to the demands of an ever-changing world.

For more information:

You can download the pdf of our chapter (only available in English)
Find more information on the Glion Colloquium (in English)
To purchase the complete book as a printed edition or an e-copy, please click here.