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4EU+ project 1CORE awarded funding in the Erasmus+ call for European University Alliances

The 4EU+ Alliance is proud to announce that its project –One Comprehensive Research European University (1CORE) – has been selected under the 2022 European Universities call launched by the European Commission. 

The 2019 European Universities Initiative call supported the 4EU+ Alliance vision to kick-start the building up of a truly integrated university ecosystem. In 2022, the Alliance has committed to further deepening the collaboration established over the previous years in education, research and innovation among member universities. 

In the new project, the 4EU+ Alliance will focus on consolidating a model of One Comprehensive European Research University based on a common multi- and inter-disciplinary educational offer, research-based, innovative pedagogies and enhanced physical and virtual mobility. Through 1CORE, we aim to deepen the multidimensional student-centred approach, develop new joint digital infrastructures and services, with the view of further improving the already existing governance and management framework. In this vein, the 4-year project will be coordinated by the Association 4EU+ European University Alliance e.V., created in 2021 precisely to foster coordination, pooling and efficiency.

1CORE will build on the achievements made during the pilot phase of the European Universities Initiative. "The 4EU+ Alliance has strong ambitions to build the European university of the future, and we are very happy to be supported in our approach by the European Commission! This is very good news for all students wishing to study in Europe, for our academics contributing to the internationalisation of the European educational space, and more broadly for the whole European society that our universities serve!” – says Isabelle Kratz, the 4EU+ Secretary General. 

The 4EU+ Alliance proposal was endorsed by 18 associated partners, ranging from nongovernmental organisations, chambers of commerce, regional authorities, to businesses. Intensive cooperation with the partners, policy-making institutions as well as with other Alliances is indeed one of the key goals of the new project which intends to contribute to building up a new European Education and Research Area and, ultimately, to more inclusive, green and digital European societies.

The 1CORE project involves Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), Sorbonne University (Paris, France), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Heidelberg University (Germany), University of Milan (Italy) and the University of Warsaw (Poland). University of Geneva (Switzerland) – new member of the 4EU+ Alliance - will participate in the project-related activities with the financial support of the Swiss government agency Movetia.