PEPITE Sorbonne University

An opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship at Sorbonne University.

PEPITE Sorbonne University

Nowadays, 33 PEPITE (Students Centers for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship) are working in partnership within the whole French territory. PEPITE Sorbonne University gives all Sorbonne University students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, from bachelor’s degree to doctoral degree. 

The purpose of PEPITE Sorbonne University is to raise awareness among students and recently graduated people towards the achievement of an entrepreneurship spirit. PEPITE Sorbonne University guides students towards the implementation of their entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship projects. PEPITE guides all students who have a project thanks to the presence of important heads and suggests them the better tools adapted to their needs. 

Sorbonne University is highly involved in favor of entrepreneurship. This engagement will take all of its importance among the building Paris Parc, the future center of creation and innovation of Sorbonne University. It will gather in a unique place the important heads of innovation and entrepreneurship of Sorbonne University – specifically Lutech, the company that pushes forwards technological transfer, an agency involved into the funding of promising start-ups, the Agoranov incubator, PEPITE Sorbonne University, and research centers involved in societal challenges. 

All of entrepreneurship resources (video, testimonies, courses, webinars…), events and workshops organized by the Faculties and the University are available online by creating your own account on the Pepitizy platform.  

The « National Student Entrepreneur Status»

The « National Student Entrepreneur Status » (SNEE) allows the candidate to build and develop his or her own project by being helped in whatever entrepreneurial field (individual, collective, economically-driven or socially-driven, innovating or not, technologically or not, with the creation of a company or a takeover business or another judicial structure). 

The “National Student Entrepreneur Status” (SNEE) is free and open to all students and newly graduates from Sorbonne University, from bachelor’s degree to doctoral degree. It is renewable during all years of study. 

The “SNEE” is individual and valid for the whole academic year – from September to September. 

The “SNEE” gives you access to: 

  • A network of students involved into entrepreneurship and structures dedicated to the support of the creation of a company 
  • Events, meeting, conferences…
  • Resources to gain financing (loan and fundraising), and specific competitions (“Prix national PEPITE”, PEPITE CHALLENGE etc…)
  • The “Diplôme Etudiant Entrepreneur” 
  • The possibility to enroll into the program “Pépite Start Up Île-de-France”
  • The possibility to substitute the mandatory internship off in order to have work time for your entrepreneurship project 
  • The possibility to keep the student status and be part of the social security system until 28 years old 

The « National Student Entrepreneur Status» 

How to obtain the “National Student Entrepreneur Status” 

  1. Go  to this website: in order to present your application for the status. Do not forget to indicate PEPITE Sorbonne Université. Applications are open from June 1 to January 28. 
  2. When you ask for the status, indicate the point of contact from your institution whom you can find here: 
  3. PEPITE Sorbonne Committee organize auditions to eligible students. Different sessions are hold during the academic year: 
    a.    June session: « SNEE » and « Student Entrepreneur Diploma »
    b.    July session : « SNEE »
    c.    September session : « SNEE » and « Student Entrepreneur Diploma »
    d.    November session : « SNEE »
    e.    January session : « SNEE »
  4. SNEE is granted according to the coherence and quality of the project, and the motivation of the project holder – and not on degrees already obtained. 

NB: The candidate has the possibility to file a plea to PEPITE if its demand of the “National Student Entrepreneur Status” has not been accepted after the presentation of his or her project in front of the committee. 

If you want to have more pieces of information regarding the “National Student Entrepreneur Status”, the team of PEPITE is here for answering your questions :


  • Recently graduated people (who are no longer enrolled in a course program) have the obligation to send an application for the “Student Entrepreneur Diploma  (D2E)” in order to benefit from the SNEE. 
  • The “National Student Entrepreneur Status” is not a status for a company. Nonetheless, the “National Student Entrepreneur Status” is therefore compatible with the self-employed person status and other types of companies. 
  • The “National Student Entrepreneur Status” allows the candidate to prolong its access to the social security system until 28 years old. 
  • The “National Student Entrepreneur Status” do not automatically open to a scholarship. In order to benefit from it, the student in entrepreneurship has to send a scholarship demand to the CROUS of the academy of its university, and fit well to the criteria. 
  • Student apprentices are eligible to the “National Student Entrepreneur Status”. Nonetheless, some advantages granted by the status are not compatible with employee activity.  

More pieces of information: Detailed FAQ of the National Student Entrepreneur Status and the Student Entrepreneurship Diploma