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SOUND, for a new commitment

A long-term approach to develop our major scientific directions over the coming decade, consolidate the Sorbonne University Alliance's signature approach to the major challenges of a changing world, and better share our knowledge and expertise with society.

Supporting the Sorbonne University Alliance's commitment to serving society

In 2023, Sorbonne University and the members of the Alliance, will gradually implement the SOUND project on the three major transitions facing our societies:

These thematic programs summarize the international challenges of "One Health", "One Earth" and "One Humanity".

The SOUND project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR), as part of the government's France 2030 investment plan.

To develop, coordinate and finance its education, research and mediation projects, the Sorbonne University Alliance has been allocated €30.77 million over a 10-year period.

One third of this provisional budget is to finance doctoral and post-doctoral contracts in connection with the 3 thematic programs, one third will be devoted to administrative support for activities to open up knowledge, and one third to operating and investment expenses in connection with these objectives of sharing knowledge and promoting expertise

France 2030

Project milestones

  • 2022 - The SOUND project receives funding under the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir - PIA 4 "Excellences" (France 2030).
  • Early 2023 - Project signed, monthly steering committee set up for the Sorbonne University Alliance
  • April 2023 - Official launch meeting with ANR and first information meeting with Alliance staff
  • June 2023 - Call for applications for scientific leadership of the three thematic programs
  • September 2023 - Installation of pairs of scientific pilots for these three programs
  • 22 november 2023 - "SOUND - a commitment with and for what young people?"
  • 2024 - Launch of SOUND doctoral and post-doctoral programs

The project steering committee

The SOUND project is steered by a committee chaired by Pierre-Marie Chauvin, Vice President of Arts, Sciences, Culture and Society at Sorbonne University. Put in place at the beginning of 2023, the committee has met once a month, bringing together representatives from Alliance member institutions, the University's three faculties, the Sorbonne University Alliance delegate general, the DGSA "Diffusion des savoirs", (knowledge sharing) the PIA project support unit and the communications department, to define the project's strategic directions.


  • Bruno Blanke, Deputy CNRS Scientific Director for Sorbonne University
  • Pierre-Marie Chauvin, vVice President Arts, Sciences, Culture and Society - Sorbonne University
  • Ornella Dukan Mimoun, Head of PIA Project Support Unit - Sorbonne University
  • Joëlle Dupont, Director General for Research, Expertise, Transfer and Education - MNHN
  • Fatou Esteoule, Head of the Higher Education Unit, Education Cooperation Department - France Education International
  • Eric Fleury, Director, INRIA Paris Centre
  • Anne-Catherine Fritzinger, DGSA Diffusion of knowledge, libraries, archives, culture, heritage and academic publishing - Sorbonne University
  • Claude Georgel, Director, PSPBB
  • Jean-Antoine Girault, Researcher, Institut du Fer à Moulin - INSERM
  • Alexandre Guilbaud, Vice Dean, Interdisciplinarity - Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sorbonne University
  • Hélène Giraudo, Assistant to the CNRS Scientific Director for Sorbonne University
  • Frédéric Lamarque, Director of Research - UTC
  • David Lefebvre, Vice Dean of Resources and Financial Resources - Faculty of Letters, Sorbonne University
  • Cécile Nécol, SOUND Project Manager, PIA Project Support Unit, Sorbonne University
  • Emma Rochelle-Newall, Director, Ecology, Biodiversity and Functioning of Continental Ecosystems Scientific Department - IRD
  • Magali Svrcek, Vice Dean, International Relations and Europe - Faculty of Health, Sorbonne University
  • Muriel Umbhauer, General Delegate, Sorbonne University Alliance
  • Monique Van Donzel, Director of Research - INSEAD
    Permanent guests: 
  • Juan-Fernando Ramirez, cSpecial Advisor, Global Health Development Program, Sorbonne University
  • Laurent Petit, Professor of Information and Communication Sciences - INSPÉ - "Expertise/Media/Society" transversal mission
    Scientific leaders of the thematic programs:
  • Holistic approach to health: professor of biology, researcher at the Centre de Recherche Saint-Antoine - Faculty of Health Sciences, Sorbonne University and Jian-Sheng Sun, professor of biophysics, director of the Département Adaptations du vivant - MNHN
  • Sustainable worlds: Yann Douze, associate professor of electronics and computer science at Polytech Sorbonne - Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sorbonne University and Emmanuel Gendreau, associate professor in environmental science - researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Environment - Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sorbonne University
  • Changing societies: Juliette Dross, associate professor in Latin language and literature, researcher in the "Rome and its Renaissance: Art, Archaeology, Literature and Philosophy" research unit - Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sorbonne University and Caroline Michel d'Annoville, professor of Late Antique and Early Medieval archaeology, researcher in the "Orient and Mediterranean" research unit - Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sorbonne University.