SOUND - One Health - Une approche globale de la santé

The "Holistic Approach to Health" program

To promote a global public health policy, integrating the interdependence of human populations and natural ecosystems, and ensuring a sustainable way of life and development.

The thematic program

We are working towards a holistic approach to health, which takes into account biological, economic, societal and environmental dimensions, as well as a global vision of care that encompasses education, prevention, the development of autonomy, mental health, and so on.

Today, knowledge acquisition is essential to better understand the complex relationships between humans, plants, wildlife and their habitats, and to develop health awareness and education adapted to the cultural particularities of the different human societies concerned.

A better understanding of the short-, medium- and long-term evolution of socio-ecosystems, from individuals to communities, should enable the development of the knowledge, models and indicators needed to help political decision-making and the emergence of public policies whose aim is to converge towards a sustainable future.

The challenge

Mobilize all the skills of Sorbonne University's three faculties, the 20 multidisciplinary Institutes and Initiatives of the Sorbonne University Alliance, and its members to target global impacts in this approach to health.

Scientific steering

The program is steered by two scientists from member institutions of the Sorbonne University Alliance:

  • Alexandre Escargueil, professor of biology, researcher at the Saint Antoine Research Center – Faculty of Health Sciences, Sorbonne University
  • Jian-Sheng Sun, Professor of Biophysics, Director of the Department of Living Adaptations - Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle

•    Their role is to define, propose and implement the program's scientific policy, in close liaison with the other two programs, and in synergy and complementarity with Sorbonne Université's three faculties, the Alliance's 20 Multidisciplinary Institutes and Initiatives, and all its members.

The binomial is supported by a scientific committee.

Composition :

  • under constitution

The scientific pilots, Alexandre Escargueil and Jian-Sheng Sun

Alexandre Escargueil

Co-pilot of the "Holistic approach to health" thematic program

What scientists lack today is an impact at the level of citizens and politicians.


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