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AUTONOMIA, the first research and innovation center in Île-de-France dedicated to people losing their autonomy, is a winner of SESAME Filières – France 2030

AUTONOMIA has been awarded funding from the SESAME Filières—France 2030 call,
co-financed by the prefecture and the Ile de France Region. This first research and innovation center in Île-de-France is dedicated to people losing their autonomy, located within Sorbonne University and the AP-HP (Charles-Foix site). Among the innovative projects chosen in the Ile de France Region, AUTONOMIA is considered a fundamental organising project for the health sector and has been awarded funding of 2 million euros.


AUTONOMIA serves people who are losing their autonomy by offering a research platform in technological innovation of international scope. The project’s objective is to promote research and development to combat dependence linked to illness, aging or disability.

AUTONOMIA offers customized spaces, high-tech equipment and support services for the research and development of innovative projects. The objective is to collectively create and evaluate the autonomy solutions
of tomorrow with a view to making technological innovations more quickly available to users.

This is the first (UMS) research structure to be co-supervised by Sorbonne University and AP-HP. The two partners join forces for this UMS to offer innovators from all backgrounds, including patients within the framework of Research Involving Human Persons (RIPH). The know-how in this field will be a real accelerator of innovation for researchers and companies. The platform is designed to listen to future users who are immersed in reconstructed living spaces offered such as in the home, a hospital room , a connected staircase, the movement analysis platform and the medical office among other spaces. This also includes an original proposal: a connected outdoor street. AUTONOMIA also ensures the transport of user subjects who will be integrated into research projects from their place of care or their home in Île-de-France.

AUTONOMIA is thus placed at the heart of the health ecosystem, at the crossroads of the hospital, the city
and the home, in an open public-private space allowing synergies and collaborations in real-life conditions.

AUTONOMIA, located in Ivry-sur-Seine within the Charles-Foix AP-HP hospital, on an area of 1,600 square meters. This space has been renovated by the State-Region Plan Contract, as part of its commitment to bringing research and innovation to people losing their autonomy. AUTONOMIA will house researchers and users for as long as necessary, in reconstituted living environments, in addition to their original laboratories or structures, thus combining clinical research and technological research.

Upcoming inauguration: the rehabilitation work on the AUTONOMIA building at the Charles-Foix hospital is being completed: AUTONOMIA has benefited from regional funding of €6.1 million as part of the State-Region Plan Contract in Île-de-France for this renovation.
To find out more: https://autonomia-recherche.fr/en/

About the SESAME Filières France 2030 call for projects:

The SESAME Filières call for projects is financed equally by the State and the Île-de-France Region in the regionalized component of the Future Investment Program (PIA3 then PIA4/France 2030) and operated by Bpifrance. It was launched in 2018 with the objective of structuring research stakeholders in interface with the needs of companies in one or more sectors around an open technological platform project, and thus bringing about new partnerships between them to more effective innovation strengthening competitiveness. The supported projects have a maximum duration of 3 years, for a total amount of up to €2.5 million.  

To find out more: SESAME FILIERES France 2030 - vague n°5 | Région Île-de-France (iledefrance.fr) (in French)