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Students, doctoral students, researchers, teacher-researchers, doctors, staff, alumni, they are the strength of Sorbonne University.

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Olivier Chaline

Ocean Historian

Reality is always more complicated than the idea we have of it, but it is more exciting to study.

Hervé Claustre

Marine biogeochemist and committed advocate for making science accessible

Helping young people become aware of how the ocean works is a prerequisite for shaping them into enlightened citizens who understand the issues at stake and the decisions necessary to protect it.

Theophilus Yoel Wiryanto

A Double Major in Mechanics and Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation

Nothing is impossible for those who persevere!

Robin Vigouroux

Sorbonne University Doctor and 2021 Chancellor's Award Recipient

This prize is a real scientific and personal achievement. I am extremely proud and honored to have been selected among the winners of the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris Prize, and I thank my thesis supervisors for their support.

Anaïs Abramian

Physicist and Winner of the L'Oréal-Unesco Young Talent Award for Women in Science

Everyone agrees that women should have a place in science, but they remain less present in the highest positions.

Laurence Devillers

Professor of computer science applied to social sciences

I'm not looking to regulate, but to lay the groundwork for good practice in AI.

Sara Labrousse

Marine biology researcher and synchronized swimmer

Sport has taught me perseverance and not to get discouraged at the first obstacle.

Franck Calard

Alumnus and recipient of Sorbonne University’s Passport to Mobility scholarship

Participating in international mobility enables students and professors alike to open their eyes to fields that were previously unknown to them.

Simon Pouzet

Associate dean student of the faculty of Medicine

I wanted to get more involved in the life of the university and Sorbonne University

Guillaume Leboucher

PhD in molecular biology and co-founder of Labtoo

I have seen how Sorbonne University is recognized worldwide.