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Students, doctoral students, researchers, teacher-researchers, doctors, staff, alumni, they are the strength of Sorbonne University.

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Théo Bouloudani

A biology student and member of the iGEM 2023 team

Our goal was to find a way to clean up soil with a method using synthetic biology.

Baptiste Reig

Medical student and entrepreneur

We're working on a contact lens that aims to improve the quality of life for people with AMD.

Theophilus Yoel Wiryanto

A Double Major in Mechanics and Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation

Nothing is impossible for those who persevere!

Simon Pouzet

Associate dean student of the faculty of Medicine

I wanted to get more involved in the life of the university and Sorbonne University

Joana Desbordes

Student in biology-geosciences-chemistry and top-level swimmer

For me, sports gives a balance to my life. I've always been swimming in parallel with my education. I didn't see myself stopping either one.

Athina Tsilikas

Student in Humanities - Edition - Audiovisual - Media on an Erasmus exchange

I advise all students to leave for an Erasmus exchange. This year was an amazing journey that allowed me to test my limits, learn to adapt and think about what I really wanted in my life.

Aurel Manga

Student in master sciences for engineering and top-level athlete

When I was a kid, I liked to take things apart, figure out how things work. I liked science. Eventually, I found all that in athletics, too.