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Sorbonne University welcomes the new grantees of its Seal of Excellence MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship programme

The Marie S. Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) projects take off this year at Sorbonne University, with nine projects funded by the European Commission and seven additional projects funded by our Seal of Excellence MSCA programme.

The Seal of Excellence MSCA call

The Seal of Excellence MSCA call of Sorbonne University supports postdoctoral projects that were evaluated as excellent by the European Commission at the MSCA-PF last call, but did not receive the European funding.

After the two first projects selected in 2023 for the Seal of Excellence first edition, seven new fellows have been selected from the MSCA-PF 2023 for a Seal of Excellence funding and will perform their projects in Sorbonne University research units. With the nine project already funded by the European Commission, Sorbonne University will thus recruit 18 postdoctoral MSCA or SoE fellows in 2024.

The Seal of Excellence call will be renewed in 2025 for the proposals of the upcoming MSCA-PF-2024 call, submitted within Sorbonne University’s research units (deadline on September 11th 2024). Again, priority will be given to the projects where the supervisors have never benefited from H2020 or Horizon Europe funding.

Grantees of the Seal of Excellence MSCA 2024 of Sorbonne University

  • BacForce : How do physical forces control transport and self-organization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa during swarming? – Gaspart Junot, with supervisor Maxime Deforet, Laboratoire Jean Perrin
  • CYBHModularity : Understanding modularity of microscopic and macroscopic black holes in Calabi-Yau compactifications of string theory - Pyry Kuusela, with supervisor Boris Pioline, LPTHE
  • PolyAdapt : Polygenic adaptation to heterogeneous habitats: new inference methods and application to the golden star tunicate in ports – Alexis Simon, with supervisor Thomas Broquet, AD2M
  • RESILIENT : Reef ecosystems in littered marine environment – Paula Masaa Lillo, with supervisor Franck Lartaud, LECOB
  • SiCyMBSIA : Silicon cycle in the Mediterranean and Black seas: an isotopic approach - Diksha Sharma, with supervisor Damien Cardinal, LOCEAN
  • TransUTOPIA : Women networks and transcendentalist utopias: health, gender, and reform – Alice de Galzain, with supervisor Thomas Constantinesco, VALE
  • WaKratPISA : Waterborne kraton-alternatives by aqueous amulsion aolymerisation induced self-assembly – Thomas Neal, with supervisor Jutta Rieger, IPCM

Grantees of Marie S. Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships call 2023

  • AROMASWITCH : Controling 3D-aromaticity by switchable molecular tweezers – Mainak Dasn, with supervisor Guillaume Vives, IPCM
  • BIRDEMBRYOS : Evolution of embryonic development across the Preocial-Altricial spectrum in birds – Daniel Smith Paredes, sous la supervision d’Alain Chédotal, IDV
  • CD-ResVir : Developing self-assembling cyclodextrins to tackle the cytopathic activity of respiratory pathogens – Pedro Hernando, with supervisor Matthieu Sollogoub, IPCM
  • EPHHG : High-order harmonic generation triggered by elliptically polarized laser pulses – Jonathan Dubois, with supervisor Richard Taïeb, LCPMR
  • MIRROR : Micro-behaviors recognitions through nonverbal Signals – Stéphanie Tan, with supervisor Mohamed Chetouani, ISIR
  • NanoChain : Collective effect with ordered nanofiber-trapped atomic arrays as efficient light-matter interfaces – Mingxin Dong, with supervisor Julien Laurat, LKB
  • SpiM : Synthesis of pi-magnetic molecular materials – Juan Patrick Capilutan with supervisor Guillaume Izzet, IPCM
  • SymFlux : The role of symbiont diversity in resilience to temperature fluctuations – Clotilde Bongrand, with supervisor Marcelino Suzuki, LBBM
  • TREX-MP : Theory-rriven engineering of photocatalysts for microplastics degradation – Amanda Gouveia with supervisor Monica Calatayud, LCT

Grantees of the Seal of Excellence MSCA 2023 or Sorbonne University

  • EvoThermRec : Evolution of thermoreceptor TRP families in metazoans – Marina Morini, with supervisor Sylvie Dufour, BOREA
  • VagalToneAMD : Role of the inflammatory reflex in the pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration – Kaitryn Ronning, with supervisor Florian Sennlaub, IDV