Sorbonne Université s’engage pour une science en confiance, responsable et ouverte
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Sorbonne University is committed to open, responsible and trusted science

The scientific communities are invited to open the discussion on best research practices by designing a set of posters and frequently asked questions.

As part of the preparation of the upcoming Strategic Plan, the Sorbonne University community is invited to take up issues relating to the development of best research practices, particularly in terms of integrity, ethics and communication.

Directors of research units, department heads, doctoral schools and institutes are invited to open discussions on these issues and devote time to them. This can be implemented as part of regular meetings with experienced colleagues, or through other ways to come together.

The idea is to identify the subjects on which information and awareness-raising needs are greatest, whether they are relevant to the Sorbonne University community as a whole, or need to be broken down according to the specificities of a particular scientific field.

The posters designed by Inserm for ethical and responsible research could serve as a basis for these exchanges. Other topics may also be addressed.

Laboratories, university departments, doctoral schools and Institutes that have identified topics on which to encourage discussion and raise awareness within the community as a whole or within their own field, can, if they wish, count on our support to take up your proposals. These will be reviewed in February 2024.
On this basis, the referents working for a confident, responsible and open science will draw up a set of posters and frequently asked questions (FAQ), the texts of which will be submitted to colleagues representing the various scientific communities for their opinion. The posters and FAQs will be produced in the summer of 2024. They may be enriched over time.

This project is being carried out with the support of the CNRS Scientific Integrity Mission and Inserm's LORIER program, as well as CNRS and Inserm representatives on faculty councils.


Roger Guérin

Référent Intégrité scientifique

Jean Bouvier d’Yvoire

Chargé de mission Pour une science en confiance, responsable et ouverte