Une formation bac+6 à forte valeur ajoutée
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A one-year entrepreneurial program with high added value

Sorbonne University students with a master’s degree or higher can apply for the "Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management" University Diploma. These professional skills are very sought after by employers. 

This one-year program taught by high-level professors provides an introduction to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The course covers the management of innovative projects, and the opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary team in an exceptional situation in the service of a real sponsor, who entrusts the team with an innovation mission. 

Starting in September 2022, the classic course (courses in French and in class in Paris) will be completed by a European course within the framework of Alliance 4EU+ (courses in English and in hybrid, in Paris and remote). Applications are open, and interested students are invited to apply as soon as possible, indicating the course (classical or 4EU+).

Information and contacts

Presentation of two projects led inside the « Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial project management » Academic Diploma :

Presentation of « Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial project management » Academic Diploma [Video]

Reduction of waste in plane with Safran  [Video]