Un nouvel accord avec l'Université d'Athènes
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A new agreement with the University of Athens

Sorbonne University has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).

This framework agreement brings together two prominent public universities that share the same values

Both universities represent the history and academic tradition of several centuries. Both are leading higher education establishments in their country that offer multidisciplinary studies and research.

The goals of this agreement include fruitful scientific collaboration and exchanges between researchers and students. The fields discussed during the meeting include French language and philology, history, archaeology, physics, chemistry, computing, and medicine.

This framework covers all academic activities in research and teaching, such as double or joint degrees, including doctorates, joint research and publication. Both universities will allocate resources to create concrete projects, such as a master’s program with compulsory student mobility for one semester at each establishment, and internships at research structures in the partner’s hospital.

The members at the meeting:
Rector of NKUA, Professor Gerasimos Siasos,  from Sorbonne University,  Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sonia Karabina, and the Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry at the Parisian Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Senior Advisor for European Commitment to the President’s Office of Sorbonne University, Bernold Hasenknopf,  NKUA’s Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, International Relations, and Extroversion, Professor Sophia Papaioannou, the Chair of the NKUA’s Department of French Language and Literature, Professor Maria-Christina Anastasiadi, the Professor at the NKUA’s Department of Chemistry, Eleni Efthimiadou, the Director of the Division of Basic Medical Sciences at the NKUA’s School of Medicine, Professor Effie Basdra, the Professor at the NKUA’s Department of Philology, Athena Bazou, the Professors at the NKUA’s Department of French Language and Literature Eleni Tatsopoulou, Evangelia Vlachou, and Maria Spyridopoulou, the Head of the NKUA’s General Directorate of Education, Anna Kypriadou, the administrative officer at the NKUA’s General Directorate of Education (Department of Postgraduate Studies), Efi Papanastasiou, the Head of the NKUA’s Directorate of Public Relations and History, Rianda Sakellariou, and the Head of the NKUA’s Department of European and International Relations, Fotini Fryda, and Adjointe à l’attaché Service de coopération universitaire et scientifique Institut français de Grèce, SPIROPOULOU Katerina