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French Language Certification

The Sorbonne French Foreign Language Exam Center  (SELFEE) allows you to officially certify your level of French. 

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, within Sorbonne University, issues diplomas corresponding to five levels of knowledge of French language and culture to foreigners who wish to validate their mastery of ‘French as a foreign language’ (FLE). In accordance with European language directives (CEFR), these specific certifications were established in 1959 by the French Ministry of National Education and Foreign Affairs.

Placed under the authority of Sorbonne University, the Service des Examens de Langue Française réservés aux Étudiants Étrangers (SELFEE Sorbonne University) is in charge of their organization. These diplomas facilitate access to educational programs and degrees in French universities, especially in the humanities, since they include university-style tests from C1 onwards. They are issued under the signatures of the Rector Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, the President of Sorbonne University and the Director of SELFEE.

Since 2021, SELFEE has been offering, in addition to its own certifications, the DELF and DALF exams of France Education International, with some exams even available to be taken at a distance. An intense collaboration with the Sorbonne's SIAL (Service Interuniversitaire d'Apprentissage des Langues) has also enabled the implementation of distanced learning courses that will facilitate the preparation of the various certifications, thus helping the French language to remain or become an asset in more and more countries.

Key figures

  • 5000 students registered yearly
  • 49 nationalities
  • 13 partner centers
  • 5 certifications offered
  • 87% success rate 
SELFEE web page


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