Inscription administrative et pédagogique

Applying and registering

As an International degree-seeking student coming to study at the Sorbonne University, you are considered as an individual student. Your admission is not managed by the International Relations but by the admissions offices of each faculty.  The International Relations office remains at your disposal for any further information.

Applying and registering

The General Process

You can only register if you had been admitted to Sorbonne University. The registration campaign takes place between July and September each year. You have first to do your administrative registration followed by the courses registration.

Registration is required every year. Anyone wishing to register at Sorbonne University as a student must have satisfied the registration formalities (administrative registration and educational registration) and payment of the registration fees.

Unless otherwise specified, any registration at Sorbonne University is carried out according to an online procedure and takes place in six required steps (all of these steps can be done remotely or in person): 

Careful! With the exception of Parcoursup, which is the first-year bachelor’s application platform, all the deadlines for the student admissions period for the year 2023-2024 have been modified. Additional time has been granted to higher education establishments to examine student applications and to students to submit their files.

For an application to the first-year of a bachelor’s program
First admission request - 1st year of a Bachelor’s (the white DAP “Admission request file”)

  • Universities' response and acceptance proposals: before April 30, 2024
  • Student response and decision: before May 31, 2024

For all other applications for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program eligible to receive scholarship recipients

  • April 30, 2024: deadline for decision by establishments
  • May 31, 2024: deadline for scholarship commissions from embassies / exemptions from establishments

To check the dates and conditions, consult the updates published by each faculty on their website:

Once authorization has been given to enroll in the chosen course, the student must confirm their wish to enroll. This step is all the more important when you have the choice between several degree courses.

Careful! in the absence of confirmation from the student, the application is considered abandoned and registration is then prohibited.

To register, you must send the documents, either in paper format or by email. The list is given to you with the authorization to register for the degree program.
For a first-time registration, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Identification papers
  • The CVEC certificate
  • Access ticket

The student must present all these documents at the time of registration, otherwise the registration will not be validated.

Each student in initial training in a higher education institution must obtain their certificate of receipt of the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC), prior to registration, by payment or exemption. 

The CVEC is established by French legislation "Orientation and success of students", declared on March 8, 2018. The sums collected ultimately benefit students: they finance campus life projects supported by a list of establishments set by the law: universities, a certain number of schools, the Crous (the Regional center of university student services), and others. Thus, by improving living conditions on campus, CVEC helps promote student success.

Its amount was set at € 100 last year but has not been determined yet for 2024/2025. Students in certain situations may not subject to or exempt from this payment. Please check the CVEC's website if you believe you may be exempted (available only in French). 

The registration fees per year depend on the degree.  Fees for 2023-2024 were:
Bachelor's degree: 170€.
Master's degree: 243€
Doctorate degree: 380€.

Annual fees for double majors or international degrees will vary.

International students are exempt and pay the same as French students

When registering for administration, you can request to pay the amounts due for registration fees in three installments. The possibility of this payment by installment is subject to compliance with the provisions also made by Sorbonne University, namely:

  • The amount of tuition fees is at least equal to or greater than € 100;
  • The three installments of an amount equal to one third of the total amount due, are received, the first during registration and then the other two, during the following two months;
  • The first payment must be made by bank card (the bank card used must be valid for two months following the first payment and must be of the following type: credit card, visa or MasterCard); the second and third payments are made by direct debit;
  • Registration at Sorbonne University is deemed to have been made from the first payment and may give rise to the issuance of the European student card after checking the supporting documents requested.

Careful! In the event of an unregulated non-payment, following the rejection of a check or the rejection of direct debit, results in the cancellation of registration and therefore the impossibility of taking exams and being issued a statement of course grades or a diploma.

To pay the registration fees, the person must respect the following obligations:
You can benefit from an exemption or a reduction in registration fees: in this case remember to provide adequate supporting documents (for example scholarship notification or certificate of registration in a co-accredited diploma).
You must pay these fees at the registration points authorized to collect university fees and within the faculty to which you are attached.

The pedagogical registration allows you to select your classes, tutorial and practical work schedules if necessary. Ask your faculty to find out how to register.