Innovate, develop, engage

Research results can lead to innovations with applications in a variety of fields. Sorbonne University encourages and accompanies its doctoral candidates and their supervisors to carry out innovation projects in all their forms: direct transfer to companies, company creation or original educational and scientific productions. 

Innovate, develop, engage

It mainly relies on a network of stakeholders who are mobilised to enable technologies and projects from its research structures to be exploited or marketed. In particular: 

  • The Société d’accélération et de transfert de technologie SATT Lutech to which the University has entrusted the management of its intellectual property and the negotiation of contracts for the transfer of its innovations;
  • Quadrivium Ventures, a company with a private equity fund of approximately 60 million euros, which provides seed capital for young companies with innovative projects, primarily from Sorbonne University laboratories;
  • 4 partner incubators: Agoranov, Silver Innov, dedicated to the Silver economy in Ivry-sur-Seine, two incubators within laboratories, at the Vision Institute and the Paris Brain Institute

Where the doctoral candidate's research gives rise to valuable results, a declaration of invention shall be drawn up, in which the doctoral candidate shall be one of the contributors.

The doctoral college offers various courses and organises events to raise the awareness of doctoral candidates about innovation and to introduce them to the network of stakeholders who contribute to the commercial exploitation of results from research structures. 

Doctoral candidates who would like to create their own company can receive support from Pépite (Pôle Etudiant Pour l'Innovation, le Transfert et l'Entrepreneuriat). 

Doctoral candidates are also encouraged to take part in the Doctors-Entrepreneurs competition, co-organised by the National Network of Doctoral Colleges, which rewards doctoral candidates who have completed their doctorate or graduated less than three years ago and wish to start a business.