Sciences, Humanities and Management Program

The "Sciences, Humanities and Management" doctoral program allows doctoral candidates to acquire a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in addition to the doctoral degree. Established in partnership with the College of Engineers, this program integrates 14 weeks of management training and 6-months internship in an international company.

Sciences, Humanities and Management Program

WorkflowThe selected candidates, in addition to their research work, commit to following the equivalent of 14 weeks of intensive management training provided by the College of Engineers (Collège des Ingénieurs, or CDI) and the seminars are spread over the 3 years of the doctoral program. The doctoral candidates will also carry out, after their defense, a 27-week internship in a company.

After their internship, doctoral candidates are awarded an MBA from the College of Engineers, which is added to the doctoral degree from Sorbonne University.

Doctoral candidates participating in this program are selected twice: by the doctoral school and by the College of Engineers. Two calls for applications (before the summer and in the fall) are launched each year.

Candidates are employed and funded for the duration of their PhD (3 years) by a doctoral contract and then during the 6 months of their internship in a company by the College of Engineers.