Institutes and Initiatives Program

The Sorbonne University Alliance promotes interdisciplinary research and the structuring of education through research with the Sorbonne University Institutes and Initiatives. The academic researchers and research partners in these institutes and initiatives are communities brought together on a common issue. The institutes respond to societal issues and are designed to bring together several disciplines, thus giving researchers from different backgrounds the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. The initiatives explore opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration in other fields.

The Institutes and Initiatives benefit from doctoral contracts funded by the Initiative of Excellence. From 2021, thesis directors respond to a call for doctoral research projects, which is open each year to all laboratories of the Sorbonne University Alliance members.

Institutes and Initiatives Program

The call for proposals is for thesis supervisors and describes the framework and process for defining research projects and awarding doctoral contracts for Institutes and Initiatives. Project leaders (thesis supervisors) can submit their project via an online form (until February 21) for approval. The call for projects is common to all the Institutes and Initiatives programs except for the iSiM and I-bio doctoral programs.

Lists of institutes and initiatives :

  • Collegium Musicae
  • The Institute of Computing and Data Sciences (ISCD)
  • The University Institute for Health Engineering (IUIS)
  • The Institute for Environmental Transition (SU-ITE)
  • The Heritage Observatory (OPUS)
  • The Materials Science Institute
  • The Sea Institute
  • Sorbonne University Center for Artificiel Intelligence (SCAI)
  • Quantum Information Centre Sorbonne
  • The Biodiversity, Evolution, Ecology and Society Initiative (IBEES)
  • The Theater Initiative
  • Health Economics 
  • The Gender Initiative
  • Europe and Interculturality Initiative 
  • Sciences of Antiquity
  • Physics of the Infinite
  • The Molecular Science and Engineering Initiative
  • Biomedical Humanities
  • Mastering Safe and Sustainable Technology Systems
  • Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (i-Bio)

Doctoral applicants to research projects must wait for projects to be selected before they can apply.

More information about our institutes and initiatives.

The doctoral projects selected for I-Bio are already online. Master students or the equivalent can apply now.