Libraries and Workspaces

Libraries and Workspaces

The libraries

More than 4,000 workspaces are available on all campuses to allow you to work quietly and complete your research. More information.

As a member of the Sorbonne University community, doctoral candidates also have access to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France:, the Sainte Barbe Interuniversity Library:, the Sainte Geneviève Interuniversity Library:

The Affluences application
The Affluences application allows users to know, in real time, the occupancy rate of a library and the forecast for the rest of the day. Some libraries are open on Saturdays and at night.

Guides and tutorials for Sorbonne University libraries
Thanks to BiblioGuides, doctoral candidates can access dozens of training materials to learn how to master scientific and technical information. The training catalog of the doctoral college also offers training on this topic.

Loan of laptops in the library
Sorbonne University's Science & Engineering and Medicine candidates can borrow a laptop or a tablet for free in certain libraries. The loan authorizes the use of the laptop within the library only. The laptops allow the use of office tools (including a LaTeX editor) as well as a wide range of software for educational or scientific use. They also allow access to the Internet via Wifi. The use of a USB key is possible.

Solo and group workspaces

Solo or group workspaces are at your disposal:

  • 50 group workrooms and 40 individual cubicles on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus. Bookable on the Burésa site.
  • 20 group workrooms on the Faculty of Arts sites. Bookable on the Affluences app.
  • 1 free access coworking space in the library of Licences on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus.
  • 1 coworking space, 6 project development rooms and 1 meeting room for project development on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus. By reservation at the Student Life Center.

Multimedia rooms

With your student card, you can access specialized databases and do your thesis work and documentary research, at the:

  • Clignancourt Campus Room E06, self-service according to the schedule available on the ENT. 
  • Malesherbes Campus self-service according to the schedule available on the ENT.
  • Maison de la recherche self-service according to the schedule available on the ENT.
  • Pitié-Salpêtrière campus 91 bd de l'hôpital, room 218 Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm.
  • Campus Pierre et Marie Curie Atrium, CAPSULE self-service 1st floor, room 113 Monday to Friday 8am-7pm.

The Sorbonne University FabLab

Equipped with digital fabrication tools (3D printers, laser cutters, digital milling machines) and electronic prototyping (interfacing cards, sensors, and actuators), the University's FabLab helps students and doctoral candidates to carry out their projects: