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Digital Tools

The student intranet is open to all doctoral candidates registered at Sorbonne University. It gives them access to the university's resources, offered by each faculty. Doctoral candidates are listed in the Sorbonne University directory as soon as their administrative registration is validated.

As employees of Sorbonne University, contractual doctoral candidates also have access to the Sorbonne University staff intranet.

Digital Tools


For Sorbonne University staff, each doctoral candidate's information will go through their respective school, departments and libraries, for example, depending on the type of connection requested.

Doctoral candidates under contract
The GLPI or "Hotline" is the assistance service that responds to the requests and needs of Sorbonne University staff in terms of messaging, phones, workstations, access rights, wifi network, directory, library services, collaborative tools, applications and software. As contracted doctoral candidates, you can submit your requests by opening a ticket on the platform.

Doctoral candidates with no contract
Depending on the problem encountered, doctoral candidates should contact the schooling service of the faculty to which they belong, the library or the appropriate service of the department to which their research unit is attached.


Contracted doctoral candidates
As employees of Sorbonne University, contracted doctoral candidates have an institutional email address in the form: firstname.surname@sorbonne-universite.fr.

Doctoral candidates with no contract
As candidates registered at Sorbonne University, the doctoral candidate has an institutional address in the form: firtname.surname@etu.sorbonne-universite.fr

EDUROAM and eduspot

Sorbonne University is a partner in the EDUROAM project, allowing teachers, researchers, staff and students to benefit from a national wifi network for higher education.

The eduspot wireless network allows wifi access to the staff and students of the institutions that are members of the RENATER identity federation (most French universities and research institutions).
It is a "captive portal" type, that is to say that the connection to the wireless network is free, and the first web request redirects the user to an authentication page. This page allows the user to authenticate to Sorbonne University.

Web conferences

Doctoral candidates have access to different tools that allow them to organize video or web conferences.

A few tips to facilitate remote meetings:

  • Use a headset with a microphone instead of a computer microphone that picks up surrounding sounds and often creates an echo.
  • Mute the sound when you are not speaking to enhance the experience of your callers.
  • Mute the video if there are flow issues during the conversation and keep the sound on.


ENT Digital Work Environment

There are several ENTs (digital workspaces) at Sorbonne University, depending on the faculty (science, medicine and arts and humanities).
Doctoral candidates in Arts & Humanities: access to schedules, messaging, course materials and collaborative spaces: ent.paris-sorbonne.fr.
Doctoral candidates in Science: monupmc / access through upmc authentication.


Moodle is an online educational platform. It allows teachers to put documents online, including video and audio files; to organize question and answer sessions with students; tests and to organize online courses etc... At Sorbonne University, each faculty has a moodle space.
Arts & Humanities: moodle.paris-sorbonne.fr
Medicine: moodle-medecine.upmc.fr
Science: https://moodlefm.upmc.fr/ moodle/ moodle-sciences.upmc.fr


In order to enhance teaching and develop pedagogical transformation, Sorbonne University has created a center to support pedagogical innovation: CAPSULE (Center for Pedagogical Support and Experimentation). Its aim is to respond to the growing evolution of learning activities and to accompany the staff in their reflections and teaching actions.