Le SIAL, un service dédié à l’apprentissage des langues

SIAL, a language learning service

From English to Hindi, from sign language to Finnish, the Service d'innovation pour l'Apprentissage des Langues (SIAL) offers students and staff at Sorbonne University an innovative language learning programme. With 29 languages taught, SIAL has the largest range of language courses in France.

SIAL, a language learning service

Teaching adapted to each person's level

The teaching provided by SIAL is done by language level. It is therefore recommended to evaluate the person’s skills in the target language before choosing a course of study. Depending on the language, courses range from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) levels. These levels are determined according to the criteria of the European Framework of Reference for Languages, which harmonises foreign language assessment throughout the European Union.

The courses given by SIAL offer the academic credit (ECTS) provided for in the models of the different disciplines and have the same value as any other language teaching unit in the students' educational program.

The pedagogical programs are developed in collaboration with teachers, university professors, educational engineers and technology specialists to offer cutting-edge teaching.

Innovative Hybrid Education

To complement its already extensive face-to-face offer, SIAL has developed hybrid teaching in certain languages.

While some language skills, such as conversation, can only be developed face-to-face, others can be developed remotely. It is in the delicate interface between these two teaching methods that the hybrid course finds its full meaning.

This teaching method allows everyone to work more regularly and progress at their own pace. By studying upstream, from home, via the Moodle platform, learners regain the benefit of their online learning during the next "traditional" class session. The face-to-face course is limited in size for reasons of teaching quality.

During the distance learning period, teachers or tutors are available at any time to accompany learners and correct their written and oral work. This distance work is highly valued to ensure consistency in learning.

Language workshops tailored to each individual's needs

SIAL's language resource centres provide students and staff of Sorbonne University and its partners with access to resources for working with foreign languages. Students (including language specialists) will find ways to overcome their difficulties and complement the work done with their teachers.

When on roster, tutors (native speakers) welcome visitors, help them target their needs, follow their progress and direct them to appropriate resources.

Depending on each person's level and needs, they offer visitors appropriate assistance such as conversation, explanations, coaching, orientation and monitoring of work.

The free and commitment-free range of language workshops is particularly suitable for people who cannot attend all sessions of a course, for those who would like to learn a new language or just maintain their level through conversation.

There are workshops in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Modern Greek and Ancient Greek.

Thematic workshops can be organised, on request, to progress in small groups on specific themes: theatre, creative writing, professional workshops (CV, interview, email, telephone, etc...).

To find out more: SIAL's website