College of Founders

Barthélémy Jobert - President - Sorbonne University Foundation
Jean-Yves Chemin - Professor of Mathematics - Sorbonne University
Claude Dutheillet - Associate Professor of Computer Science - Sorbonne University
Catherine Lubetzki - Professor of Neurology - Sorbonne University
Stéphane Boucard - Associate Professor of Physics / Vice-Dean Institutional Relations for the Faculty of Science - Sorbonne University
Pierre-Henri Tavoillot - Associate Professor of Philosophy - Sorbonne University

College of qualified personalities

Anne Courrier - Director of Strategic Partnerships and Investments - Malakoff Médéric
Nicolas Crespelle - Managing Partner - NAC Partners / Former President of the UPMC Foundation
Jean Lemerle - Retired / former President of UPMC / former Treasurer of the UPMC Foundation

CA de la Fondation
The Committees and Members of the Foundation's Board of Directors © Pierre Kitmacher
Updated on 23 NOV 2018