The top medical university complex in Europe, the Faculty of Medicine has two priorities: advanced medical research and the training of health professionals.

The Faculty of Medicine includes hospital structures (Saint-Antoine, Tenon, Trousseau, Rothschild) and agreements with many establishments in the Paris region. It is part of a collaborative dynamic of excellence, serving research and education.

Meeting the health challenges of the 21st century

The Faculty of Medicine has exceptional institutions in vision, neuroscience, degenerative diseases, metabolic-related heart disease, immunology and infectious diseases, cancer and public health. All adult and pediatric disciplines are present, focused primarily on the health challenges of the 21st century: aging and research on degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, endocrinology, metabolism and patient management, obesity, oncology, and others. The research activity is carried out in different laboratories, usually in partnership with French national research agencies, INSERM or CNRS.

In connection with the national objectives of development of clinical research, but also in nursing and paramedical training, the Faculty of Medicine proposes a master’s in Health. This degree can lead to PhDs in burgeoning fields, such as biomarkers or medical devices.

Emphasizing just as much savoir-être as savoir-faire

Approximately 700 teachers and university professors teach more than 12,000 students enrolled in medicine, the midwifery school or in a paramedic courses. This includes speech therapy, psychomotor therapy, orthoptics, occupational therapy, and pedicure-podiatry. From the first year of study, students benefit from tutoring to prepare and pass competitive exams.

From the second cycle of medical studies, part of the teaching takes place in a medical simulation laboratory. A "fieldwork" approach that promotes teamwork, while mastering the control of certain highly technical gestures and awareness of the relationship with patients. The Faculty of Medicine relies as much on the well-being (savoir-être) as on know-how (savoir-faire), with the aim of training health professionals with irreproachable ethics, whether they are students or already in activity.

Bruno Riou, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Bruno Riou, Dean of the Faculty of Medecine

Bruno Riou is a Professor of Anesthesia-Reanimation at the Faculty of Medicine (formerly UPMC) and the head of the Emergency Unit at La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Formerly Vice President of Health at UPMC from 2003 to 2015, he became Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in 2015, as well as President of the Council of Healthcare Deans of the Ile-de-France.

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Updated on 06 DEC 2018