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The Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Sorbonne University is today the largest and most complete faculty in France, in the field of arts, languages, literature, social sciences and humanities. Committed to the transmission of a humanist culture, its pedagogical excellence is based on the recognized quality of its research to offer the most complete and innovative teaching.

With its strong international reputation, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities enables its students to enrich their academic program. Through academic and research collaborations designed to give them access to the world around them, students can attend renowned universities in Europe and elsewhere in the world. As with all Sorbonne University programs, this internationalization is a priority.

A Diversified Academic Offer

The Faculty has multiple fields of expertise: classical and modern letters, languages, foreign letters and civilizations, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, history, geography, art history and archeology, musicology, and finally the sciences of information and communication and the science of education and teacher training thanks to our two internal schools: the CELSA and the ESPE, respectively.

Educational Innovation

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities wants its students to benefit from an education that uses innovative pedagogical methods that are adapted to each discipline. This educational approach renews knowledge in favor of a better understanding of contemporary issues, with graduate employability a priority. The courses are diversified and enriched to respond to a range of student goals, including careers in teaching, research, and entrance into public service or the private sector. Sorbonne University can also propose bachelor’s degrees that associate neighboring or complementary disciplines (in a major/minor structure or a double major), as well as double master’s or multidisciplinary master’s.

Teaching Supported by Research

Research-based academic programs are a fundamental principle of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. The best professor-researchers participate in the first year of the degree and accompany students throughout their education. In this way, the faculty teaching of the arts and humanities ensures the essential critical thinking and intellectual adaptation to prepare its graduates to enter the job market as professionals.

Alain Tallon, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Alain Tallon, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Alain Tallon is a Professor of Early Modern History at Faculty of Arts and Humanities (formerly Sorbonne University), specializing in the History of Early Modern Mediterranean Europe and Early Modern Political and Religious History (XVI-XVII centuries). At Paris-Sorbonne, he was the Director of the History department (UFR) from 2010 to 2017. After being professor-delegate for Academics and Education from 2012 to 2016, he was Vice President of the Academics and University Life Commission and Vice President in Charge of Education from 2016 to 2017.

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Updated on 11 MAY 2018