A Leading Role in the European Area of Knowledge

Sorbonne University plays an important role in the development of the European area of knowledge. As an active member of the European University Association (EUA) comprising twenty-three prestigious universities; the League of European Research Universities (LERU); and the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA), it makes an important contribution to discussions regarding the impact and influence of European universities. It also participates in the reinforcement of multilateral cooperation between them.

The Free Circulation of Knowledge

The mobility of its students, professor-researchers and researchers is a strategic priority for Sorbonne University. The university establishes and develops partnerships with other European universities to facilitate and encourage the circulation of knowledge. Thanks to the Erasmus+ initiative, students and professor-researchers benefit from a variety of study, research and teaching opportunities abroad. Sorbonne University cultivates its role in the dissemination of knowledge toward all sectors and players in today’s society, from the average citizen to the top politician, in the spirit of scientific openness.

The Economy of Knowledge

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 program, the university participates in a variety of projects in the field of the knowledge-based society and economy. It coordinates three of the six KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) research programs selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in the fields of the digital world, climate, healthcare, and aging. The university also houses the European Marine Biology Resource Center (EMBRC) that brings together fourteen marine biology stations in nine European countries.  

Sorbonne University gives research-project leaders juridical, logistical, and financial support to apply for European funding opportunities. The Faculty of Sciences is the fourth-leading European funding recipient among French research institutions. Sorbonne University’s laboratories currently host nearly a hundred recipients of European Research Council (ERC) grants. The goal is to offer the possibility of financing ambitious projects with a critical mass and an appropriate commitment of resources.

Sorbonne University in Europe Union calls for projects

•    4th most successful in France
•    90 researchers have received ERC funding as PIs in our laboratories since the ERC calls began in 2007
•    The EMBRC (European Marine Biological Resources Center), headquarters and the three marine stations are the French node
•    Participation in three of the five KICs: EIT Health, Climate and ICT Labs



Updated on 17 APR 2018