Creating a World-Class Research University

The Paris-Sorbonne University strategic plan focused on three objectives: to develop multidisciplinary programs for a flexible and varied academic offer; to offer professor-researchers an essential experimental space to test and implement truly innovative educational initiatives; and to pool efforts in the area of ​​educational resources.

The UPMC strategic plan defined five priorities: engaging more with society; mobilizing all fields of knowledge; integrating European and global activities; increasing autonomy and driving change to succeed in the building of Sorbonne University.

For both universities, the link between research and education has been intensified and the educational offer was redesigned to prepare future generations to respond to the challenges they will face. The structuring of research has evolved to promote and support excellence, and to produce the knowledge needed in 21st century society. The quality of student life has also been a priority. The self-assessment reports have shown that a significant part of the objectives in both strategic plans have been achieved. The synergies between the two projects have helped to create a sense of belonging to the Sorbonne University community with the creation of a campus in the heart of Paris.

Consult the 2014-2018 strategic plans: Paris-Sorbonne / UPMC Consult the self-evaluation reports: Paris-Sorbonne / UPMC 

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Sorbonne University strategic plan for 2019-2023 will be developed in early 2018 and validated by its newly elected bodies in Spring 2018.


Updated on 26 JAN 2018