Sorbonne University and its laboratories have been awarded funding from the national Excellence Innitiative :

  • 15 Laboratory of Excellence
  • 2 Institutes in cardio-metabolism (ICan) and diseases of the nervous system (ICM)
  • 5 Equipment programs
  • 2 National Health & Biology Infrastructures
  • 3 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics projects
  • 1 Low-Carbon Energy initiative
  • 1 Science-to-Business transfer establishment: SATT Lutech
  • 1 Investment Fund for startup financing: Quadrivium

Sorbonne University has also created five transdisciplinary institutes to understand the world and face the challenges of the contemporary society
Computational and Data Sciences: extends into all fields

  • Engineering for Health: in treatment, autonomy and healthy aging
  • Environmental Transition: from global to local solutions
  • Heritage Transmission: understanding our past and future
  • Collegium Musicae: the dialogue between science and art

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Updated on 24 MAY 2018