• Conference
  • Grand amphitheater of Sorbonne University
    47 rue des écoles 75005 Paris
  • Wendy Wood

Sorbonne University, a multidisciplinary, research-intensive university and lNSEAD, one of the leading and largest business schools in the world, are launching a chair in behavioral sciences on January 30, 2018, at 18:30, in the Grand Amphitheater of Sorbonne University.

Jean Chambaz, president of Sorbonne University, Barthélémy Jobert, former president of Paris-Sorbonne, Peter Zemsky, vice-dean of INSEAD and Pierre Chandon, director of the multidisciplinary Center for Behavioral Sciences of Sorbonne University/INSEAD, will welcome Professor Wendy Wood. This academic and researcher, world-renowned for her work in experimental sciences, is named the first holder of the chair. She will deliver an inaugural conference on consumer habits.

The purpose of the Chair is to promote behavioral research at Sorbonne University by drawing on the expertise of the Multidisciplinary Center for Behavioral Sciences created by INSEAD and Sorbonne University. This behavioral research laboratory is a platform open to all researchers and PhD students from Sorbonne University and INSEAD. Thanks to dedicated infrastructures and expertise, the team conducts research in behavioral sciences in sectors related to human and social sciences (social psychology, marketing, decision science, organizational behavior and others).

Since the creation of the center in Paris in 2002, more than 101,000 people have participated in research on individual and collective decision-making, perception, emotion and consumption. More than 138 peer-reviewed articles based on research conducted in the laboratory have been published in the most prestigious academic journals.

A global expert on gender behavior and behavioral differences, Professor Wood will contribute greatly to the multidisciplinary center's mission of extending behavioral research and methods to all disciplines at Sorbonne University and INSEAD.

The event is open to the general public.