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The 2018 edition of the Sorbonne Summer University offers 12 lecture series this July - 10 in French and 2 in English - taught by academics from the Sorbonne University group. 

The two lecture series this summer are:

The Sorbonne in English

What are the main characteristics of France (art, literature, geography, history and science)?

> 3rd week of the month: the 16 - 20 July, 2018 
> 4th week of the month: the 23 - 27 July, 2018 

From 2-5pm

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Paris, a factory of a capital: 5 000 years of history

People coming to Paris are often eager to know the capital, through what connects architecture and urbanism. The overall idea of this cycle is to offer a panoramic view of Paris through five major historical periods of its development. 

> 3rd week of the month: the 16 - 20 July, 2018 

From 9.30 AM until 12h.30 PM and from 2PM until 5PM

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To see the complete set of lectures offered in French and in English please click here

Université d'été en Sorbonne
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Météorites et pierres de chocs
Exposition Nov 29 2017 - Jun 12 2018

Impacts, Meteorites and Stones

Forum France culture
Seminar Mar 31 2018

Forum « L’année vue par les savoirs »

Concours Tremplin Jeunes Compositeurs Sorbonne Université 2018
Contest Mar 1 2018 - Jun 1 2018

"Tremplin Jeunes Compositeurs"