• Séminaire
  • Antonin Gosset Building
    Faculty of Medicine at Sorbonne University.
    Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, 47-83 boulevard de l'Hôpital 75013 Paris

Supported by the Sorbonne University Institute for Environmental Transition (SU-ITE), the Clima-Tique research project (2017-2018) is organizing a seminar on ticks and the diseases they transmit.

Lyme disease has become a public health issue, and the Clima-Tique research project is studying the knowledge, practices and representations associated with ticks and diseases of which they are the vector. This research is based on various sources: general population, medical specialists (doctors and pharmacists), scientific literature, books and articles for the general public or specialists, social networks, etc.

The seminar will deal with questions related to ticks, the diseases they carry (borreliosis, rickettsioses, ehrlichiosis, arboviruses, etc.), their diagnoses and treatments. It will also include French, European and global epidemiological questions, as well as more societal aspects such as the risks and difficulties in medical diagnosis.

December 7, 2018, from 9:30 to 17h (in French)

Information and free registration on the SU-ITE website