French as a foreign language

French as a Foreign Language: "FLE" classes

These French courses are for students entering Sorbonne University for a degree program, an exchange program or a research stay, or even for people who want to improve their knowledge of the French language, to make new friends, or to master French. 

Language requirements:

Before coming to study in France, it is important to have a sufficient level in French, (written and oral). 
Please note, that most of our courses are held in French. It is therefore strongly recommended that you consolidate your French language skills before your join Sorbonne University.

For university-level courses in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities or the Faculty of Science & Engineering, the French fluency requirement is generally B2 or higher, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Please note that at the Faculty of Medicine, the CEFRL C1 level in French is required for all degree programs.

If you need to upgrade your language skills, you may register to intensive language courses at Sorbonne University.

Non-French speaking students can take regular classes throughout the year, as well as intensive courses prior to the start of the university year (registrations now closed). Start the year off right with an intensive 30-hour course, on the Sorbonne-Clignancourt site, in early September from Monday to Friday!


  • For students whose FLE courses in their pedagogical contract in order to obtain ECTS: the FLE courses are FREE;
  • For scholarship students: the FLE courses are FREE (upon presentation of proof);
  • For auditors (students, doctoral students, researchers or professionals from the Sorbonne University Alliance) 50 euros per semester;
  • For candidates outside the Sorbonne University Alliance (student or non-student), please contact us. Applicants who are not part of the Alliance can apply for courses by contacting the tuition office directly.


Registration in person at the FLE-FOU office or online by means of an online questionnaire, is compulsory for all candidates.
Sorbonne University students that wish to register for semester 1
Candidates outside the Sorbonne University Alliance that wish to register for semester 1

  • Once students have confirmed their assignment in a FLE course, they must finalize their registration online according to the IPWEB opening calendar.
  • For all salaried professionals, the finalization of the registration will be processed by the Continuing Education Department. For more information, please consult the tab: "Courses “A la carte", page under construction.
  • At the time of registration, the person’s proficiency in the French language will be checked. If students cannot justify a diploma or certification of French as a foreign language (for example, SELFEE, DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, Erasmus+ test) and they have never taken FLE courses at SIAL, they will have to pass, for any the courses, an online level test.

Tutoring - linguistic support for registered students 

The SIAL provides a French tutoring service for registered students, offering customized help adapted to the student’s individual needs.
To register, the student must complete this form which will help the tutors to better prepare the session. 
Tutoring is now done online. It is therefore preferable to have a Skype or Google account.
For more information and to book a tutoring session, please contact the FLE 24 hours before the session. Please note: The tutoring session will not be booked until the student has received confirmation from the FLE.


Please contact us.
Students can also drop by the SIAL offices in the Sorbonne (54 rue Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris), room D670, Cour Cujas, during opening hours.
The former FLE offices in Clignancourt are currently closed.
Registrations are closed for the January internships.

The French as a Foreign language office is part of the Language Department of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. It is located on the Pierre et Marie Curie Campus:Tour 43, couloir 43 – 53, 1er étage, bureau 102 (see the location on this map).

After taking a compulsory online placement tests, non-French speaking students can take classes for one or two semesters. Depending on your level, you can take between 2 and 6 hours a week.


  • Classes are free for bachelor’s and master’s students registered at Sorbonne University or at one of Sorbonne Alliance members (MNHN, UTC, CNRS, etc.).
  • For students not registered at Sorbonne University or at one of our partners, there is a 250-euro fee for a 30-hour course or 400 euros for a 60-hour course

Sorbonne University students and personnel can also register for intensive workshops in January or in June (same fees as above). The workshops however do not give any course credits – ECTS). The summer and winter workshops generally are 30 hours long.

More informally, students can sign up for conversation classes with French students in the Espace Langues (right across from the FLE office, 43-53 First floor, Room 105)


French as a Foreign Language Office (FLE): Elisabeth Ménez
Tour 43-53 (entrée tour 43), 1er étage, bureau 102
4, place Jussieu. 75252 PARIS cedex 05

Tailored courses throughout the year in Continuing Education

For those who are not students at one of the institutions of the Sorbonne University Alliance, the Continuing Education Department can offer tailored French classes throughout the year. Contact the Continuing Education Department.


The French language exam service for international students - the SELFEE-Sorbonne

Since 1961, Sorbonne University has offered candidates who wish to master the French language the opportunity to acquire six different degrees, validating their written and oral skills and giving access to our higher education. These diplomas of level B1, B2, C1 or C2 (which correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), are recognized by the Prefecture of Paris.

  • Brochure_SELFEE_english - pdf - 3.17 Mo 

Faculté des Lettres de Sorbonne Université
Cour St. Jacques - Escalier H 1er étage Bureau F672
Horaires d’ouverture :
Du lundi au vendredi, de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h00 à 17h00. Fermé le mercredi.
1 rue Victor Cousin
For complete contact information.

The faculty of medicine is closed to the public and operates according to a business continuity plan (research, pedagogy, administrative) since Monday, March 16, 2020. The closure of the faculty to the public effectively results in the cancellation of all courses in face-to-face. Research activities and vital administrative activities are maintained, under the conditions specified by the university administration in the Business Continuity Plan. Beyond the end of classroom lessons, university libraries are closed. The situation is constantly changing, staff and students are invited to consult their emails, the university intranet and the FAQ to stay informed.

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One of our riches is the diversity of students and their backgrounds. Sorbonne University is committed to the success of each of its students and offers them a wide range of training as well as support adapted to their profile and their project.

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One of our riches is the diversity of students and their backgrounds. Sorbonne University is committed to the success of each of its students.

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