Ateliers de pratiques artistiques

Workshops and Artistic Activities

Supervised by professionals in music, theatre and visual arts, these workshops are free (registration required) for members of the Sorbonne University student community.

Workshops and Artistic Activities

Atelier En un acte

In one act

Two different approaches to theatre:

  • discovery of comedy: improvisation, text and work on the body (1st semester)
  • commedia dell'arte, mime and mask: creative and playful approach (2nd semester)

All levels are accepted and no experience is required!
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speakers : Marie-Line Vergnaux (comedy) & Alexandre Schreiber (commedia dell'arte)
Fridays from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus
Email -  01 44 27 29 85

Atelier En spectacle

Show workshop

Theatre workshop with the staging of a show at the end of the year chosen from the classical or contemporary, comic or tragic repertoire.
All levels are accepted and no experience is required!
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speaker: Franck Duarte
Mondays from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus

Email - 01 44 27 29 85 

Atelier Pratique théâtrale

Practical theatre workshop

Experience the excitement of being part of a troupe through a journey of personal and collective artistic creation.
Students will work on all the stages of the creation of a show: rehearsal of the scenes, choice of set and costumes, introduction to directing.
All levels are accepted.
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speaker: Léon Masson, professor at the Cours Florent
Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 10 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus

Email -  01 44 27 29 85

Atelier Théâtre-forum

Theatre-forum workshop

Participatory theatre, on societal themes (discrimination, racism, living together, health, hygiene, university success...) dealing with different theatrical tools such as voice, body, character creation, improvisation...
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speakers (alternating): Julia Alimasi and François Prioli
Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus

Email - 01 44 27 29 85

Atelier Prise de parole, éloquence et art oratoire

Speaking, eloquence and public speaking worshop

Develop physical and vocal presence, eloquence and public speaking skills using theatrical and fun techniques.
How to speak with confidence, manage emotions, present a solid argument, use good judgment, and maintain a relevant and credible stance in any academic or professional context.
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speaker: Philippe Osmalin
Mondays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus
Email - 01 44 27 29 85

1st session / September-October: posture and public speaking, exercises on various texts and visualizations of speeches
2nd session / November-December: deepening of techniques, personalised coaching and creation of oratory texts.
3rd session / January-February: posture and public speaking, exercises on various texts and visualisations of speeches 
4th session / March-April: looking at techniques in greater depth, personalised coaching and creation of oratory texts

Atelier Illustration naturaliste et scientifique

Natural and scientific Illustration worshop

Take biology as a model?
An artistic workshop to teach the scientific illustration of natural history subjects (zoology, botany and mineralogy) and to describe a species in a documentary way using graphite and colour pencil, ink and watercolour.
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speaker: Julien Norwood
Mondays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus
Email - 01 44 27 29 85

1st session / September-October - Terrestrial and marine invertebrates (insects, shells...)
2nd Session / November-December - Mammals
3rd Session / January-February - Birds 
4th session / March-April - Botany

Atelier Introduction à la création de jeux

Introduction to Game Creation workshop

Through several workshops following each stage in the creation of a game, from the analysis of the existing situation, the initial idea and design, to the final touches, the making and the writing of the rules, the students will design their own game.
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speakers : Nathan Bardin - game designer, Charles Boury - art director, and Simon Chanut - multimedia project manager
Mondays from 6pm to 9pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus
Email - 01 44 27 29 85

1st session / September-October
2nd session / November-December
3rd session / January-February
4th Session / March-April

Atelier Comédie musicale

Musical Theatre workshop

Musical theatre is a complete art combining theatre, song and dance.
Between discovering the world of Anglo-Saxon musical theatre and complete and multidisciplinary artistic immersion, each student will blossom as a fully-fledged performer.
This workshop is accessible only for recreational use and does not lead to an ECTS.

Speakers : Domitille Delisle and Yohana Neige
Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm - Pierre and Marie Curie campus
Email - 01 44 27 29 85

Atelier d’arts plastiques

Plastic arts workshop

Galerie Sorbonne seeks to foster the artistic development of the students and staff of Sorbonne University.
All levels of art are accepted, the concept of mutual aid is ubiquitous. The goal is to learn new artistic techniques and to develop the creativity of all participants.
Each year, Galerie Sorbonne exhibits the creations of its members in exhibitions open to all. A biannual theme guides participants but it is also possible to continue personal work. Every two weeks, Galerie Sorbonne arranges discovery workshops in order to learn new techniques and artistic horizons. Consult the workshop calendar via Facebook.

Facilitated by art history students at Sorbonne University, the workshop is participatory and free. Everyone can come and go without constraint, every Friday, from 5 to 8 pm.

Consult the calendar via Facebook.

OCEN – Orchestre et Chœur électronumériques

OCEN - Digital Orchestra and Choir

The Orchestre et Chœur Électro-Numérique de Sorbonne Université, between research and creation

The music of today, so-called "learned" or popular music, has developed at the same time as new instruments and production tools. Whether electric, electronic or digital, they have given rise to new musical practices that require us to rethink the concepts of musical gesture, space and time as well as their modes of representation and analysis, especially in a context of collective practices.

OCEN, developed within the Sorbonne University, is a musical ensemble at the interface of research and creation, thus joining comparable ensembles at Princeton and McGill University. Nourished by previous experiences (artistic residencies on campus, creation of the Méta-Orchestre, development of ONE, activities of the Chorus Digitalis), the project includes:
a twin "research" component: digital instrument making; analysis of collective playing methods and research into writing and notation;
a "creation" component, with commissions for composers and professional concerts.

A tool for individual and collective experimentation

OCEN is an ideal crucible to experiment, in situ, with new tools for musical creation. It also makes it possible to envisage new ways of thinking about the collective in music, both in its improvised or semi-improvised forms and by exploring new writings. This new orchestra has a variable scope: it crystallises around a core of performers and aggregates, according to the works and opportunities, other musicians fully engaged in this type of approach.

OCEN is an outreach tool of the Sorbonne University within the framework of a participatory artistic practice approach: it is open to amateur musicians from the university, and workshops are offered to all those interested. These workshops will provide the opportunity to experiment with new instrument making and musical gestures, to interact with professional musicians and to perform in concert.


Atelier Théâtre russe, en français et en russe

Russian theatre worshop, in French and Russian

The Russian theatre workshop will resume its activities for the 2019-2020 school year with the ambition of preparing a show for Sorbonne en Scène 2020. The final, bilingual show will include a performance of Anton Chekhov's one-act play, The Wedding, as well as scenes developed over the course of the year based on improvisational work. All Sorbonne University students, whether they speak Russian or not, are invited to the workshop, which will be an opportunity to read both famous and lesser-known Russian texts (from Gogol to Petrushovskaya), to broaden one's theatrical culture and to participate in a beautiful shared artistic project.
Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
To join the workshop, contact Daria Sinichkina.

Atelier Gravure et impression artisanale

Engraving and printing workshop

The Typographic Association is a student printing and artistic project, whose ambition is to return to artisanal printing processes - engraving, silkscreen printing and press, to disseminate plastic and poetic creations. Typographique is open to students who wish to train in the practice of engraving and artisanal printing! The workshop will allow students to (re)discover old printing practices and will be particularly focused on the practice of engraving (on wood and linoleum). Thus, each session will be both an opportunity to practice and to discover new engraving techniques, while acquiring some historical and aesthetic knowledge.

The workshop will lead each student to design their own engraved tote bag, as well as a small graphic book (graphzine). Drawing skills are not necessary. Each session will be divided into 2 parts: during the first part (1h30), a new engraving technique will be presented, then applied through exercises; the second part (1h30) will give everyone the opportunity to pursue personal projects independently, while being supervised by us.

Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm
Find us on Facebook.

Atelier Création artistique

Artistic Creation workshop

Agathe Simon's creative workshop offers you the opportunity to make a group film, through a process where each student can practice all the stages of creation: reflection, writing, production, performance, directing, editing and sound design.

Open to students of all disciplines (no prerequisites or materials required), this workshop focuses on developing and exploring your creativity from a simple theme, so that everyone can create a film sequence in the genre and style of their choice.
Inspired by the international creative company Le Groupe, Agathe Simon's workshop allows you to bring together your singular viewpoints into a single object - the group film - which then gives rise to a screening and presentation session.

Skills developed

This workshop allows the following development: 
Artistic (creativity, development of ideas, development of sources of inspiration, composition of an image, sense of rhythm in editing and sound writing),
Human (reflection, teamwork, leadership, public speaking, adaptability, critical thinking, constructive debate),
 Techniques (writing, shooting, editing, sound).

Tuesday from 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm

Atelier Fleurs d’éloquence

Fleurs d’éloquence workshop

The "Fleurs d'éloquence" course can be chosen as an option (under the free teaching unit) by students of L3 (only open for the faculty of arts of Sorbonne university) or in Leisure, open to all students of Sorbonne university and UTC.

It is intended for students who wish to improve their speech. It is taught by teachers specialising in rhetoric and by public speaking professionals, and prepares students for the Fleurs d'éloquence public speaking competition.
NB: participation in the contest is in no way obligatory in order to validate the option.

The course, which lasts 18 hours, takes place from the beginning of February to the end of March at the rate of one or two classes per week, in the evening (18:30-20:30). Dates and times are specified on the lFleurs d'éloquenc website Fleurs d'éloquence website. The "Fleurs d'éloquence" option is validated by the full ongoing checks during the course. The evaluation methods are specified by each teacher during the first course.

Atelier Chorale moderne

Modern Choir workshop

The modern inter-university choir is supervised by the association La Clef des Chants Ensemble, under the direction of Benoît Reeves. It is open to Sorbonne university students (10€/year) as well as administrative and teaching staff (60€/year). The purpose of these membership fees is to cover the association's operating costs and score fees relating to copyright. Sight-reading music is not necessary. This choir is open to all and offers several rehearsal slots.

The course, accompanied at the piano, is divided into three parts: warm-ups, introduction of one or two new works, finishing the works of the previous weeks and the popular songs of the previous year.

Material provided: Sheet music / Recordings: mp3 files (ensemble voices; separate desks for beginners).

By joining this workshop, you are required to respect the charter of the La Clef des Chants Association.
Tuesday from 12h to 14h

La Clef des Chants.

Atelier Démodocos

«Démodocos» theatre workshop and choir of Antiquity

The Démodocos association, made up of students, professors and professionals, has been working since 1995 to promote the literature of Antiquity through theatrical practice. The workshop is led by Philippe Brunet (direction) and François Cam (music).

This workshop is a continuation of the GTA (Groupe de Théâtre Antique de la Sorbonne) initiated in 1935 by Roland Barthes and Jacques Veil, a group of students and teachers from the Sorbonne who for over a quarter of a century performed plays from antiquity (notably Aeschylus' Persians). Students who already have initial experience in choral singing have the opportunity to take part in the Choir of Antiquit of the Sorbonne under the direction of François Cam, Hellenist and musicologist.

This initiative has two overriding ambitions: to revive the music and choirs of Antiquity through shows and to provide a complementary and original musical education to students singers, musicians or musicologists. Every year, student volunteers take part in the Dionysies' Ancient Theatre Festival.

Advanced - Friday from 8-10pm
Initiation - Friday from 6:15 pm to 8 pm

Atelier Écriture poétique

Poetic Writing workshop

The workshop’s best productions are published each year in the volume Poésie en Sorbonne published by Sillage.
This workshop’s sessions will generally be arranged in two parts: a brief theoretical discussion on a particular theme or aspect of poetry (the fixed form, the writing of the city, the writing of joy/suffering, the measured verse/free verse/prose...); reading and discussion around the texts proposed by the students week after week, in relation to these themes and aspects.
Tuesday from 11am to 1pm

Atelier Écriture romanesque

Novel Writing workshop

The novel writing workshop teaches Sorbonne University students in prose writing, approached in the form of pastiches, exercises, and readings.

Students who wish to sign up must agree to write texts during the workshop, read them in front of the group for possible discussion, and rework them - which allows each student to reflect on their practice of expression. Groups should not be too large so that everyone can put forward their texts and be heard.

The workshop’s best texts are published each year in the Prose en Sorbonne publication with the help of Sillage editions. The workshops are led by Dominique Barbéris.
Monday from 4pm to 6pm

Atelier Improvisation théâtrale

ITheatrical Improvisation workshop

Improvisation means listening, availability, the desire to do one’s best by taking into account one's own abilities and those of others. It also means spontaneity and risk-taking, the only path to creativity. This is why theatrical improvisation is not only an art in itself but also an exercise in complete self-control.
Led by the company Les Improvisades under the pedagogical oversight of Richard Pineault, actor and trainer, the theatrical improvisation workshop is primarily aimed at novices wishing to satisfy their curiosity and desire for self-expression. The fun and participative approach to these techniques will conclude, for voluntary participants, with a performance at the end of the semester.
Casual dress recommended!
Thursday from 6pm to 8pm

Improvisades website.

Atelier Interprétation théâtrale

Theatre Interpretation workshop

Michèle Harfaut, professor at the Cours Florent, teaches students and staff of Sorbonne University in theatrical practice. Beginners or advanced may take part in this theatre workshop (actor's warm-up techniques, exercises, improvisations, stage acting, work on the text). The collective spirit of the work requires a real commitment by all.
For the first lesson, you need to memorise a text (poem, tirade or monologue) lasting no more than 3 minutes. It is not the level of theatre or experience that is important but the desire and involvement in the course. All beginners are welcome.
Monday from 5pm to 7.30pm or Tuesday from 7pm to 9.30pm


Atelier Solo Théâtre

Solo Theatre workshop

This workshop led by Les Livreurs introduces students to Solo Théâtre. Alone on stage and with their voice as the only ally, a performer puts on a play in one hour. No sets or props, yet everything is there: intensity of emotion, virtuosity of character, elegance and humour of the word. The result is stunning, the form is innovative and gives the texts a new breath - the breath of a single person. To find out more, please check out our complete Solo Théâtre dossier. This workshop is reserved for students who can provide evidence of teaching in reading aloud or theatre or equivalent experience.
The workshop leads to several public performances at the end of the year. Students also participate in the Livres en tête festival and the Solo Festival. Prestigious speakers (Richard Cross, vocal coach; Xavier Phillips, cellist; Michel Vuillermoz, actor; Pierre Jourde, writer; Marco Avallone, lyric singer; Jean-Paul Carminati, lawyer; Lee Fou Messica, director; Philippe Bilger, public prosecutor) speak during the year to bring their skills to the art of reading sound. This annual course requires a good command of French (read and spoken). The registration is validated or not by the teacher at the end of the first course.
Tuesday from 7pm to 9.30pm

Les Livreurs website

Atelier Photgraphie

Photography workshop

Yann Datessen, a visual photographer, teaches the history, the great names and the practice of photography. You will be able to initiate and/or perfect your mastery of digital photography, acquire a personal "look" and translate it into an image.
Each month, a visit to a photography exhibition in Paris will be offered, during a free and optional outing. The participants’ best pictures will be exhibited at the end of the semester.
The workshop is accompanied by the creation of the Club photo Sorbonne, an association open to participants and all students of the university.
A camera is not mandatory. A camera loan can be requested from the Photo Club in return for a 30€ membership at the beginning of the year.
Wednesday from 5:30 to 8:00 pm

Yann Datessen website.

Atelier La Sorbonne Sonore

La Sorbonne Sonore workshop

This reading aloud workshop, led by Les Livreurs, aims to introduce students to the art of interpreting literary works (novels, short stories, poems, stories, correspondence...) of all genres (detective, fantastic, romantic, epic, comedy...) and from all periods (ancient, classical, contemporary...). Throughout the year students are introduced to the various effective public speaking techniques. Through appropriate exercises, they learn the balance and positioning of the body, relaxation, breathing and develops the voice, their working instrument.
This annual course requires a good command of French (read and spoken). The registration is validated or not by the teacher at the end of the first course.
Monday from 7:00 to 9:30.
Information under the Solo Theatre heading.

Atelier Théâtre en allemand

Theatre in German (G. Darras)

In this workshop, students put on a show in German based on a piece from the repertoire. Special attention is given to diction, pronunciation, non-verbal language (mimicry, gestures). The play is performed at the end of the year, in June, at the university's workshop festival. In previous years, the play has also been performed at the Maison Heinrich Heine (Cité Universitaire) and at the Richelieu amphitheatre (in the Sorbonne). The diligence and commitment of the actors within the troupe are obviously an essential prerequisite for the success of the project! Additional rehearsals are to be expected during the second semester, as the performances approach.
Important: rehearsals are open primarily to L2 German students (for whom this workshop is an option), but are also open to students from outside the German Studies faculty.
Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00 pm

To join the workshop, contact Gilles Darras

Atelier Théâtre Molière Sorbonne

Molière Sorbonne Theatre workshop

This school is aimed at all Sorbonne University students wishing to practice 17th century theatre according to the techniques of the time: diction of verse, declamation, pronunciation and gestures. Students will receive theoretical and practical instruction leading to an end-of-year presentation for beginners and a show for advanced students. For students of L3 Arts, the EU opens access to ECTS.

Theoretical course: Friday
Teaching (beginners + UE) : Friday from 1pm to 4.30pm
Workshop (Advanced): Friday from 1pm to 7pm

News, informations on Facebook.

Atelier Théâtre en allemand

Theatre in German (J.-F. Laplénie)

The workshop combines comprehension/expression and scenic expression, around a play in German language of the 20th or 21st century. The performance is supervised by professional speakers. The year's work ends with several public performances as part of the university's workshop festival.
Semester 1: Reading, understanding and analysis of the piece, work at the table. Collective reflection on characters and dramaturgy, distribution of roles, collective reflection on possible cuts, setting up the texts, work on pronunciation and diction.
Semester 2: Space and staging. Stage and body work. Reflection on the space (sets, props, lights) and on communication around the show (social networks, poster). The end-of-year performance takes place between 1 and 15 June, after exam session 1. Students participating in the workshop must agree to be present at this period and for the rehearsals that precede the performance.
Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Optional registration only:
All Sorbonne University students with a minimum German level of B2 (ideally C1). Please note that priority is given to students of regular German courses!

Atelier Théâtre italien (en langue française)

Italian Theatre workshop (in French language

Theatrical practice in French on a translated Italian text, supported by a discussion of the translation and its voice and body. We approach the different theatrical techniques (warm-ups, speaking, positioning of the voice, gestures, relationship with the audience, singing...) while deepening our knowledge of Italian culture through practice.
Inspired both by the work of Caroline Marcadé (choreographer) and Catherine Monnot (director, improvisation) we use the body to arrive at the text. The spirit of the troupe and the energy of the group are fundamental elements of our productions.
Open to Italian and French speaking students, even without any theatre experience. Participation in the final performance at the university's workshop festival (June).
Workshop led by Stéphane Miglierina (MCF, Italian Studies, director of the Compagnie Les Vitriers Lunatiques/Polygène), assisted by Lucie Comparini (MCF Italian Studies), and accompanied on the piano by Mattia Pastore, professional musician.
Thursday from 4pm to 7pm
Optional registration only
All students in L1, L2 and L3 and whose faculty authorises it (with ECTS validation). Please note that the course cannot be taken as a language option (as it is in French).

Atelier Théâtre en langue italienne “La Mascareta”

Theatre workshop in Italian language “La Mascareta”

This workshop was founded in 2009 at the Italian Studies department and uses the resources of theatre, poetry and music to stage, each year, a play in the Italian language (Pirandello, De Filippo, Bontempelli, Calvino, de Luca...). It grew from the meeting between teachers specialised in the performing arts and students from several European countries and the world, eager to explore the Italian theatrical repertoire.

The love for the Italian language - its clarity, musicality, its own humour, its artistic and philosophical potential - is the basic ingredient of this workshop. Attention to others, a taste for interaction and a sense of teamwork are valuable assets. It’s the perfect opportunity to express a host of talents: soundtrack development, editing of French sub-titles, search for costumes and props, stage preparation, linguistic coaching...

In the workshop we meet students who are native speakers of Italian (especially during their Erasmus stay at our university) or who have learned Italian in different contexts; some of them already have experience in the performing arts (theatre, singing, dance, instruments...), others are driven by a strong desire to experience them. These different worlds cohabit very well insofar as everyone - each in his or her own way - accepts a common artistic challenge, particularly rewarding in terms of its final beauty.

The first sessions are devoted to the cohesion of the troupe, through the interpretation of excerpts from the classical repertoire and theatrical readings. Students thus participate actively in the choice of the play they will work on during the year. Depending on the play chosen and once the roles have been memorised, a theatre professional can be invited to the rehearsals, to improve the actors’ interpretation.
The workshop-theatre of the Italian Studies department can also be chosen as a free option or as a living language, with ECTS credits.
Level of Italian C1/C2 required
But the basic motivation must above all be artistic, to allow the production of quality shows.
Friday from 4pm to 7pm

Contact Isabella Montersino


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One of our riches is the diversity of students and their backgrounds. Sorbonne University is committed to the success of each of its students.

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