Student Life locations at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

The Office of Student Life has branches at the Clignancourt, Malesherbes, Michelet and Sorbonne locations. During opening hours, student employees are present to welcome and provide any information related to student life.

  • At the Clignancourt location

Student Life Point, office desk, level -1
Room E07 is available to associations (by reservation and subject to availability and prior registration at the Office of Student Life)

  • At the Malesherbes location

At the Kiosk, in the entry hall

  • At the Michelet location

Associations Room, at the entrance to the building

Reception, Office of Student Life in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:
En Sorbonne, Galerie Richelieu, Door C369
1 rue Victor COUSIN 75005 PARIS
Tel. 01 40 46 33 59

Student Life locations in the Faculties of Medicine and of Sciences (in French)

Direction de la vie étudiante
Espace vie étudiante
Patio 23/34 - Campus Jussieu 
4 place Jussieu  75005 Paris 
Tel. 01 44 27 60 60 


Updated on 06 FEB 2018