"I really encourage students to sign up for a student job!"

I am a Master’s student in English Studies and, as a student job, I support the communication department of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Sorbonne University, particularly in communications for students. I really encourage students to invest in a student job! This is an opportunity to get involved in the life of the University, to help students or, like me, to find their own professional path. I discovered a job, while being useful to the community. This job has really taught me something. I better understand and appreciated the issues related to the communication professions.

This experience not only enriched my university career but it also clarified my professional aspirations, since it made me want to apply to CELSA, the school for journalism and communication within the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. I have just been accepted into this competitive program. I now have a clear professional objective, all thanks to what I learned during my student job in communications.

As a student of Sorbonne University, I am lucky to be able to enjoy a pleasant and dynamic campus life with a range of cultural and sports activities that have become much broader, with the new merged university! 

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Updated on 29 MAR 2019