Romane Dicko, a MIPI Bachelor of Science (Mathematics - Computer Science - Physics - Engineering) was crowned European Judo Champion in Tel Aviv on April 26th. Already the French champion at 16, she is considered one of the most promising athletes of judo in the country.
European Judo Championship 2018 in Tel Aviv

Championnat d'Europe de judo 2018
European Judo Championship 2018 in Tel Aviv © C.FERREIRA/FFJUDO

What does the title of European Champion represent for you?

Romane Dicko : First of all, it's the culmination of a lot of work. I had a difficult season because of several injuries that led me to redouble my efforts to get back to the best level. Then, this victory represents for me the beginning of a new stage and proves that I am able to create a good career.

How did you discover judo?

R. D. : I started judo quite late, at the age of 13. It was while watching the 2012 London Olympic Games with my family that I discovered Audrey Tcheuméo, a bronze medalist in this discipline. I saw a report on this sport to the particular story that made me want to start my turn. My father supported me in this project and I registered in a club.

Why did you choose to integrate Sorbonne University?

R. D. : I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer and reconcile this project with high-level sports. It was necessary that I find, after my baccalaureate, an establishment that could allow me to follow an engineering program while pursuing my training. Sorbonne University is in partnership with the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (Insep), and has established itself as the ideal solution.

How does Sorbonne University help you reconcile high-level sport and your studies on a daily basis?

R. D. : The status of a high-level sports student offered by the university allows me to adapt my studies according to my sports goals. I can thus spread the duration of my bachelor’s over several years to achieve successfully both my university project and my sports project.

I also benefit from the fact that the first year in MIPI can be done directly at Insep, which enables me to save time and be more efficient. I have two two-hour workouts a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and about three hours of class per day.

Sorbonne University professors come directly to Insep. They are very attentive to our needs. They are always available to answer our questions and accompany us in our dual project. 

What are the next goals?

R. D. : I want to be able to improve myself on both levels, both athletically and academically. As for sports, I will participate in the world championships in early September. As for my professional project, I still want to become an aeronautical engineer and integrate the Sorbonne University engineering school.

My dual career brings me a lot because through high-level sport, I meet new and different people, I learn to confront psychological challenges and overcome obstacles. It helps me every day in my studies and enriches my university experience.

Updated on 16 AUG 2018