13 DEC 2018

On the 16th and 18th of November, Barthélémy Jobert, President of the Sorbonne University Foundation, and Arnaud Magnin, in charge of alumni relations at Sorbonne University, went to meet alumni living on the East Coast of the United States.

Alumni de Sorbonne Université

More than 80 alumni responded to invitation. The Boston alumni shared a friendly moment with the Consul General of France, Arnaud Mentré. Those in New York were able to attend a private tour of the Delacroix exhibition at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, with a guided tour by Barthélémy Jobert, art historian and a specialist of this painter.

It was an opportunity to present the creation of Sorbonne University and its scientific objectives, the university's new alumni relations policy and the Foundation's first "Welcome to the Future" fundraising campaign.

"We have great ambitions for Sorbonne University," said Barthélémy Jobert. “As the top university in France and a research university of international standing, Sorbonne University must now be built with the support of all of its 350,000 alumni around the world."

Arnaud Magnin was gratified by the success of these meetings: "There was a lot of enthusiasm and energy with alumni of Sorbonne University in both Boston and New York, with talented professionals from all disciplines that France can be proud of. Every alumni can have a real impact on how we can, together, respond to the major challenges of contemporary society. By engaging with Sorbonne University, everyone can facilitate the recruitment of our students and work with us to develop academic or research projects."

At the end of the visit, a Boston Alumni Chapter was created. The New York Chapter is continuing its activities. Both have planned a new event in the first half of 2019.